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purple weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CDDIDIT, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Wtf dude, did you roll around in a vat of Vaseline with your camera?
  2. pretty sick
  3. Thats some fucking fire man. ...
  4. hahahah, yeah, those pictures are BLURRY as shit. :smoke:
  5. Okay I can't really see anything... wtf..
  6. lol :smoke:
  7. Dude have fun getting blitzed.
  8. Purple doesn't mean it's dank. Purple means is was grown in nitrogen rich soil.
  9. It definitely doesn't mean it's dank just because it's purple and those pictures are too blurry to tell anything except color. As for the nitrogen rich soil, not quite. Some strains are genetically predisposed to flower with the color purple, whereas temperature can also effect the color of the buds.
  10. beat me to it lower the temp n a lot of strains will get purple hues in em
  11. Your personal fav and second fav are both the same?
  12. Dude I dont even know what im looking at.
  13. Looks like someone got a purple sharpie and colored that shit :smoking:

    As long as it gets you high, maaaan. I want purple bud :(

  14. True. I've just always asociated it with rich nitrogen. But temp and strain can also make the herb purple.
  15. Looks pretty good for some mid-grade (maybe the camera just makes it look this way) bro, enjoy. Just don't think that because it's purple you'll end up higher, though. Cause that's not true at all. The same strain, normal color, will be just as fire.

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