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Purple weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allend10289, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. yeah i've got some purple ass weed with redish or oringish hairs. i've seen many different types of weed, but this one is almost completely purple with narly red/orange hairs. I put me on my ass after 1 hit. If it was chemically enhanced is it bad for you? or is it still ganja?
  2. "Chemically enhanced"...? and it's obviously still ganja if it's just "enhanced"

    what I want to know is how it was "enhanced"...
  3. It wasn't chemically enhanced. Weed that is purple is normally considered good, it was probably grown hydroponically. Congratulations on getting some good weed :).
  4. Man its just a weed that turned purple, I'd rather have some green stuff though, don't prefer the purple.
  5. like delta-9 labs. GENETICALLY enhanced weed...sorry?
  6. Um, what? I don't think you got weed from the one place where it is legal in the U.S. Weed turns Purple because when it's flowering the grow room is cold or from a nitrogen deficiency.
  7. dude its just dank, have fun with it, man
  8. You are mostly correct. Probably 90% of the 'purple' weed sold has the color induced by cold temperatures and/or light deprivation during the late flowering period. Then the grower charges more because it's purple. The other 10% are strains that naturally show purple tints as they mature.

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