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Purple weed??????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buzzwell420, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. My homie had all these nugs they looked great but for one thing.
    It was mostly purple! He said 150 an ounce so I knew somthing was up when its normall 250
    I was like na man I know weed is green, it musta been mold

    Anyways anyone ever have somthing like this happen to them?
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  2. It wasn't purple hairs, it was just straight up purple?
  3. Hah, this reminds me of a cultivation video on youtube, grower was cutting and curing his purple buds. Some ignorant anti-weed loser comes on and flaunts his ignorance for all to see, "omg you fucking addicted fiendish animals, you'll smoke the devil's pubes EVEN WHEN ITS COVERED IN PURPLE MOLD?!?! WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!" Gave me a good laugh.
  4. Idk man purple can be nute deficiencies,
    N deficiency if i remember correctly

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  5. Some of my shit right now is growing purple.

  6. I've feed mine right so I don't know why mine is purple. Some guys tell me cold will turn them purple..

  7. It may be because the grower had very low temps when flowering. 
  8. Hah, how ironic.
  9. I had some very dark purple stuff once, did it look anything like this? Very potent. 

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  10. It's meant to be.
  11. ew man I thought weed was like a brownish green color

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  12. #14 morange, Sep 15, 2013
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    It can be a genetic thing, or a phosphorous lockout. A very dark purple would be more likely to be a phosphorous lockout, whereas the lighter purple and more pinkish hues are usually more genetic. The last strain I grew was very purple and there was no deficiencies and the temperatures were ideal and stable.
    strain is LA Confidential, no mold;
  13. I smoke purple weed all the time
  14. whether its purple or not the potency is based on how you grow it
  15. its just some purp did anybody think of that?
  16. Buzzwell steady trollin gc apprentices lol
  17. Weed is supposed to be light green not brown or dark green. Purple is. Good too. Lol
  18. oh..

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