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Purple Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir Stoner, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. So recently i procured a stash of 5 grams of "Purple Kush" and it is actually purple, im just wondering if purple weed is real? Like is my weed just colored with purple sharpie or can weed naturally be purple
  2. Its possible but post a pic and i can tell u if its real purps or "kool aid purps" weed dyed with kool aid

  3. Weed can be very well purple, Look at medical cannabis. Theres thousands of different strands and Purp from what I know of is one of the more potent ones with high percentage lvls of THC. Thus when ever someone sells purp its HQ for the most part unless you have a shitty dealer.
  4. Lol, does it look like its colored with sharpies? Yes, weed can definitely be purple.

    Although I guess I wouldn't put it past a super shady dealer to take a marker to his product in an attempt to bump up price? I highly, highly doubt that's the case though. You'd be able to tell if it were a marker.

    It usually won't be all purple- just bits of purple mixed in with the green, like below.

    Attached Files:

  5. It looks like a mix of green with some purple,definately doesnt look like sharpie or fake, i took a sharpie to some
    Bud to see if it looked like my current stash

    Added detail: i just compared mine to the pic and they look similar
  6. [​IMG]

    this was some weed called Riot Berry my friend got from the dispensary
  7. I took a picture of a small nug and im uploading it right now, but the purple seems legit, how do you guys take such good pics of your bud though
  8. how do i upload a picture ._.
  9. ^ some fire

  10. Use, get IMG code, post it here
  11. More misinformation being spread.....the color of the weed does not correlate to high thc levels. In fact, many people agree that most purple strains are actually less potent.
    Looks aren't everything people.

    p.s. Its called a "strain" not a "strand."
  12. :p:D:hello:
  13. Purple is usually indica dominant weed.

    Just depends on the strain.

    Purple is the craze at the moment for most people. But don't feel pressured into buying it as it is not necessarily more potent
  14. Purples are usually indicas. Im pretty sure they turn purple because of the temperature when they're grown? Idk im no expert i just kno purples make me tired and anxious so i avoid them unless im bymyself at night.
  15. Anything can be grown into shades of purple. It has nothing to do with the weed being more potent, but it is a good sign that the grower knew what they were doing, or at least gave a shit to try and make it good.
  16. If it doesn't make the weed more potent, how is it a good sign the the grower knew what they were doing? Arbitrarily dropping the temperature so your plant goes purple is pointless, some weed will be purple without dropping temps.
  17. I've had weed that was legit purple. But it's not I like I get it all the time. My friends brothers girlfriend had it lol. I was super dank though, defiantly worth all the middle manning.

    This is some bud I had, you can kind of see a purple tent to it in some spots.

  18. God this thread is giving me brain cancer.... It's called google. See what it has to offer and then if you still don't know, ask GC.

    No offense to anyone or the OP, but I'm just saying....
  19. Lol, this is how I feel 90% of the time when i read anything in the smoking and usage sections.

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