Purple veins, slow growth help please

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  1. My plant has been like this ever since it was small. Weird looking leaves, slow growth, slow flowering. Iv noticed purple veins everywhere from the stems of the leafs. My two other plants(different strain) are doing alot better.

    Seed: vanilla kush (the problem plant) feminized by barneys farm seed bank

    I'm currently feeding it miracle grow bloom booster. Iv just ordered tiger bloom thinking about trying it. But really, I would like some opinions so let me know what you guys think


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  2. Anyone got any advice?? Pics r up
  3. Could be a Magnesium deficiency. Try giving her a foliar spray early in the morning before the sun is even out if possible.
    1 teaspoon Epsom salt per gallon of water. Wait to see how she responds, try not to foliar feed more than once a week, probably every 2 would be good.

    I would advise mixing up some Epsom salt in your water the next time you water her, but she might be locked out of Mg from the soil so a foliar spray is a better choice.
  4. hey im growing vanilla kush right now. that is how it is suppose to be with that color on the stems leading to the leaves. Ill attach photos for you of the one i am currently growing. Same deal though slow growth and sickly looking plant. After reading online and after buying the seeds i have come to the conclusion that barneys vanilla kush is one to stay away from, but i will be posting my results when finished.

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  5. Thanks for the advice guys keep em coming
  6. Purple veins leading to the leaves, turning them purpleish in color. :(
  7. Maybe its a purple strain?
  8. The actual leaves look really blochey you have some sort of deficiency for sure.
  9. Not a purple strain, it's Forsure having problems. Slow flowering, I need some kind of nutes to fix this, just not sure what
  10. Phosphorus def
  11. after father inspection on the vanilla, you have to check ur ph... make sure you let ur tap water sit for 24 hrs then check the ph you may be surprised. i was. It can be ph causing nute lock out, or a nute defic. in general (phosphorus) or overwatering. Mostly likely its like mine and you have plenty of nutes in ur soil but not the correct ph for the plants to be able to access them. my tap water was 8.5 and above off the chart. you dont want to add more nutes until you have ruled the other to out. because once there in it may mess ur ph even more. most nutes run in 4 - 5 range when added. something to think about. im in the same boat earlier stages though. hope it works for ya

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