Purple Urkle in seed form, FOUND IT.

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  1. Hey everybody!
    I'm currently growing the original P. Urkle from clone next to GuruSeeds Purple Erkle in seed form and they resemble one another to the max with vary slight phenotype variation.
    If my digi cam wasn't broke I'd post an array of colorful deep purple shots.
    All plants are turning purple, all plants packed with amazing trichome production..
    All of the specimens from seed resemble the purple urkle clone but some have a different bud structure, some are slightly more calyxy some have a dense, almost Raskal OG Kush structure to them.
    I got these seeds from a dispensary that had a bunch of assorted beans in breeders packs so I grabbed them.
    Keep in mind the colors aren't due to temps, I have Astro Queen by TGA and Jack H. by sensi seeds right next to the Urkles..
  2. The reason I posted this here is because I have yet to see any review on GuruSeeds...
    From this grow I'll doubt if I'll buy the Urkle again since I have rooted clones from my favorite specimens.
    Guru's legit in my opinion.
  3. It's always awesome when your plants give you the purpling a la naturale.. some just have a tendency to do it in less cool conditions than others. My (Grape ape x Urkle) x Purple Kush only turns purple when it hits 65 or less otherwise its lime green from top to bottom with deep orange hairs. I'll keep my eyes peeled for guruseeds.. anywhere u see em online?
  4. I dont want to spam links but if you go to google and type in "guruseeds" it should be the first link that pops up.
    With Urkle the bottoms of the leaves change at first then the buds start to on about the 4th week.
    Mine are getting to a neon purple color and it's got me really excited!
    Tons of trichs and the smells are amazing, when I harvest I'll try to borrow a camera and post the finished product.
  5. Guru Marijuana Seeds - Guru Seeds people shouldnt be afraid to link sites.. people who link the same site day in and day out on the other hand are the spammers here. anyone with experience ordering through this site directly?
  6. Well I had just read the "affiliate links = ban" thread so I figured I cant link to seed banks anymore..
    I've got no experience ordering from them directly but I'm sure this dispensary did...
    I'm in CO and I got the Guru Purple Erkle in breeders pack.. I think Medicalseedbank and guru are affiliated to, they carry guru seeds and i've heard of successful orders through them.
    If you're after P. Erkle in seed form Guru's got it, the reason I even bought the seeds was to see if Guruseeds was legit compared to the clone..
    Had seen them online but was shocked to see them at a dispensary.
  7. I was looking over Guru's site and noticed they had a strawberry cough. Their picture and description is exactly what Dutch Passion uses in their advertising. Does Guru resell other seeds?:eek:
  8. They may infact do that, I've got no clue..
    All I'm vouching for is the P. Erkle at this point and it's amazing.
  9. That is pretty cool for all of us that can't get these clones though. I'd try a purple urkle from them. The strawberry cough just caught my eye because I just grew that one.

    Hopefully, they make a green crack seed soon! :)
  10. I can get the green crack clone but I dont know how good it would be in seed form.
  11. if this was the original strawberry clone that would be awesome.. but the dutch passion description is disheartening. thats the main reason i've held the gun on buying from em so far. I sent em an email see what they say.
  12. Right on.
    Post here when you get a response, I'd like to hear it..
    I'm curious as to what their Hog is from to.

  13. what dispensary? i want to send my buddy over there to pick some up to send back my way.

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