Purple Urkel, 4 weeks flowering, getting yellow edges, pictures included

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mariguate2011, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. My plant was just doing perfectly to the 4 week of flowering, planted on May 15th.

    It´s only one of them.

    Natural sunlight, rain water on a 10lts pot. on a building roof.

    Today I discovered one of the leaves getting yellow, and small brown pots on it.

    The only feeding I did, is 10-50-0, two times, after they starting flowering, and was about 2 tablespoon each. 15-15-15, every 3 weeks during veg, 0 problems.

    It´s rainy season, so it rains a little every day, but last week there was no rain for 7 days, and I did not water it, because there is rain today. Before todays rain, the soil feels dry on top.

    Pls help, this is my first grow, an my first problem.

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