purple underneath leaves? Anyone?

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  1. hey gc

    got a quick question, searched the forum and im none the wiser.

    Got a new sprout, growing its second set of true leaves and i noticed that the first set of leaves and cotyledons are purple underneath =/ but a healthy green on top.

    Anyone know? Im not using any ferts and there currently under 3 cfls (will upgrade when i start to lst)

    Strains nl x skunk #1

  2. seeings can show purple stems and such. It sounds normal to me. How old are they. You don't need nutes for 3-4 weeks after they sprout

    on a SOG grow, I never even touched veg nutrients. I didn't need nutes until flowering with 1 gallon bags.
  3. i know nutes arnt needed lol and not old really, less than a week. Jus weird. Never seen it.
  4. all mine have purple and white stems for at least a week. Then they show purple in veg and flowering when they need phosphorus.
  5. i tried to take a pic the best i could. My cameras charging.

    The tops are good and green, jus a weird purple underneath. Hopefully it can be seen

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