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Purple trichomes

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bulletcatcher, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. So what's the deal with these? One of my plants is making trichomes with a very obviously purple color. It's not amber, and the heads don't look like amber trichomes. The color is distributed in a sort of burst pattern inside the head. I've also noticed some purple trichome stalks. There are amber trichomes as well, but more purple than amber.

    Are purple trichomes mature? Overripe..?
  2. i would love to see the pictures of this
  3. I haven't had that myself (purple trichs) but I am also kind of wonderin' bout it. I've been seein' some purple and blue hash and the stuff is VERY colorfull.
  4. I've heard of purple trichs before. If I were you I would ignore them and concentrate on the others, clear, cloudy and amber. If they're all purple then I have no clue! :confused:
  5. I have no idea how to take a picture through a microscope... is it something you can do without special equipment?

    And only some are purple. Not even very many. Maybe 1/25 trichomes are purple, I'd say.

    edit: tried pointing my camera through the microscope... it's way too blurry to see anything.
  6. obviously no good, when its harvested send it to me...ill get rid of it hahaha doesnt sound like much of an issue man.... unless your fert/nutes were purple...maybe you flushed too late and its dying them...but i have NO clue if thats fucking possible to tell you the truth lol
  7. Woah, that's pretty crazy looking... definitely not like that. Some of the stalks have a bit of purpling, but it's more purple and looks like it's on the outside rather than the core like that.

    The heads that are purple have purple pigments to them. Most are a solid blob more or less and in the center of the head. Other ones have kind of a burst pattern of purple streaks in the head. And looking around some more, they're rarer than I said before. Maybe 1/100.
  8. damn , i hope its not mildew...
  9. is it cold in your grow area i''ve heard that can cause purple stems?
  10. was the plant blueberry?? it said in the mj grow bible that blueberry has trics like that. ill bet there kool looking:D
  11. Change the view setting? Taking pictures through a microscope is easy and can be done, no special equipment, just any normal camera
  12. My camera is on my cell phone. My cell phone cost $12 about 3 years ago. I don't think it's gonna do it... the picture is just all washed out and I can't even read the numbers on the crosshairs clearly. The view in the microscope just looks like a bluish glow.

    The strain is raspberry kush. I'd guess it's afghani crossed with something purple. The buds have purple bits here and there, but I didn't really drop the temperatures to get good purpling.
  13. Ahh if your using a phones camera, its not going to work. Not one that "old" and for 12$
    Kinda wish you could get some pictures though; purple trichomes sound like an oddity.
    Lets just hope its not some microbe killing your plant?
  14. try a magnifier the snap a shot

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