Purple trichomes

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  1. This plant showed signs of hermie put it outside remove all pollen sacks. It’s a Hindu Kush strain was checking the trichomes today and noticed they are going purple. My question is are they considered amber or what the plant is 50% cloudy 30% clear and 20% purple. Temp gets pretty low at night thinking that has lots to do with the bud going purple but never seen purple trichomes.

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  2. No the cold turns the plant purple. Have not seen purple trichs either but 50% cloudy is close to harvest. Depends on what you like.
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    I know the temp will turn the bud purple but trichs Maybe that’s there amber ?
  4. No the trichs are clear, then cloudy and then amber. If the plant if following normal growth then there shouldn't be 30% clear trichs with 20% amber. When there are 20% amber there shouldn't really be any clear trichs. Are you sure they aren't clear trichs reflecting purple from he plant? I can't see the trichs from your photos.
  5. The trichs are 50% cloudy I’d say there’s about 30% still clear and the rest are purple and can see some amber after I checked again ? Not sure what’s going on buds are solid they are purple I’d sent a pic but just have a jewelry lope

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