Purple tips and leaf edges.

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  1. Growing in soil temps stay from 77-81 during the day. Under two led lights. Any explanation. I saw it could be caused by low temps but at night my temps only go to around 71 degrees?? 1502904341327677729657.jpg
  2. some phonotypes have a tendency to emit their anthrocyline deficiencies ..lol

    in other words ..some strains just go red

    read up more from the breeder

    will tell ya

    good luck
  3. hm. thanks. the strain is known to go dark purple almost black in some pheneotypes. Maybe this is the start of that? Idk...
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    low temps do certainly cause purple, but there is no set temp for this to happen as it will vary from strain, if your strain has tendencies to darken? then I wouldn't worry unless there are other signs of def's ??

    Also 71f or 21c is not cold enough to cause stress, you really need to get down to about 14/15c / 58/59f -this is all purely in my experience with HPS, others may disagree ? but the main issue is, the bigger the swings in temp, (i.e 25c day 14c night - that's an 11c swing) the bigger the stress
  5. The plant seems to be yellowing out a bit and pulling nutrients out of its lower leaves haha
  6. Take pictures under natural lighting. No one can tell anything under purple lighting.

  7. Hi Titans,

    I'm a new grower in week 5 of flower and my plants are displaying the exact same purple tip/edges you were experiencing. Were you able to pinpoint what the issue was? Thanks

  8. This looks like phosphorus def even though you add it a phosphor def isn't usualy because your not adding it its usually caused by poor ph causing your roots to lock out phosphorus its incredibly important for flower production amongst other vital roles I myself use weather manipulation to get the strains to express fall colours good luck buddy.

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