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purple sweet tooth Beachside PU

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by themasochist, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. was only able to score a few grams
  2. a bit leafy but looks good :)
  3. a bit leafy should be a hell of a smoke
  4. Looks dank man. Where you located? I got some Sweet Tooth here in Ohio a few weeks ago that was pretty dank. I figured it was just a nickname the local dealer gave it, but apparently it's somewhat popular. Was dank indeed :cool:
  5. frostbitten
  6. how does it turn so purple?
  7. Im getting some of that pretty soon, hopefully this wednesday.
  8. It is not bad and for the price of 3 grams at 25 you cannot beat it

  9. Cold temperatures (cold burning) before harvest can turn your leaves and bud purplish... a lot of times it is done on purpose cause it makes the bud look delicious :)

    and yes, nice bud man... leafy but looks pretty dank. enjoy!!!
  10. not everytime something is purple its from cold, there is purple coloring in the genetics of some strains, often its lowering temeratures to around 55-65 at night from 80-85 during the day. Yes many growers do this purposely as it looks cool but some strains naturally have purplish colors. ANyways OP looks dank as hell.
  11. I got 1/8th of sweet tooth at a club once and it was really purple and considering it was one of their most expensive strains I figured it was just the genetics. Nice bud man.
  12. #12 The_Joker, Feb 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2009
    i agree, i have never heard of Purple sweet tooth though? maybe cold temps? everytime i have had sweet tooth is has been covered with trichs and white as snow. You have a local cross or something?

    Edit: i think i see a seed in the third pick to the left of the stem, might be a keeper.
  13. no wasn't a seed sadly, just weird cameraness, google "purple sweettooth" I found a bunch of stuff on it as I had my doubts when my dude told me that is what it was.
  14. Where in Ohio I'm from Cleveland and I would like to give Sweet tooth a try. lol

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