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  1. Hello. I am in the 9th week flowering on what should be an 8 week pinapple. I have harvested the pinapple stain many times and never have I had this happen. The new leaves in the bud are purple. This are clones from a new place, and I believe it may be a purple strain, also explaining the extra time needed for flowering. Not a PH problem, already fixed that. Any thoughts? Attaching pics taken with my phone, so I apoligize for the quality. Thanks!!

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  2. so your breeding em ?
  3. No, not breeding these. Waiting to build another room to start that fun stuff. Just think the guy may have given me a cross strain or purple strain instead of pinapple express. He also gave me 2 alasken thunderfuck mixed with trainwreak that turned out great. Just trying to narrow this strain to figure out how much longer to let them go. They are about 40% milky now going into the 10th week. Cut the other strains 2 weeks ago.
  4. pretty much no way to ID strains from pics. even with some info, at best, its a guess
  5. I know, i guess i'm just trying to determine if its a purple strain or the plant trying to tell me something is wrong. But i saw purple on the bud today, so 99% sure is it a different strain. question is, once you see signs of purple (a week ago) isn't usually 3 weeks til they are finished?
  6. The stalks and stems can turn purple, if they get too cold, too. This is a reaction, not necessarily genetic. Perhaps it takes a purple stalk gene, and the cold to trigger it, but I've seen it happen on all different strains.
  7. Heard of that too about the cold triggering color change. I do let my girls cool off when in the dark, but never under 68. Never have I seen anything like this. The fan leaves on the bottom are normal, and all the new growth only in the bud are vivid purple. Now the trichroms are going purple too. They are beautiful, but taking much longer than expected.

  8. you kinda answered your own question bro...under 68 they start to purple up..im not sure where you are in the country, but im sure its cool....put this to the full test this summer...same plant ive been growing, grew this summer...temps in the high 80s...not one bit of purple...my last plant harvested with cooler temps...purple...i just put a picture up tonight in my journal of that bud...been curing about a month
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    Thanks Naughty. Thought so too, but i do inside grows, so really consistant temps. Then i thought i had PH prob or def, so started freaking out at first. I mostly grow white strains, never seen this. No purple on stems or fan leaves, only on the bud. Anyone know how long most purple strains go? Rolling up on week 11
    ps - I'm a sis:rolleyes:

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