Purple stems on Gorilla Glue 4

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  1. Hey guys, I’m in Canada and doing an outdoor grow in the ground and not pots. It’s my first time ever attempting a grow and I’m really not sure what I’m doing.

    I have a gorilla glue 4 and an Afghan kush planted in the same flower bed, they are both growing pretty slowly but the gg4 is considerably slower than the kush. Only the gg4 is getting some purple stems but both are getting tiny yellow spots on the leaves as well as leaves going yellow at tips of older leaves.

    I thought maybe it needed some nutes so I gave it some hs plantlife easy grow at the low end of what they recommend Thursday of last week and again yesterday with the higher end of the range. But I’m not sure really how to tell if they are improving or not.

    I also checked the ph of my soil today and it’s a bit high, a little over 7, so I mixed up some lemon juice and water and poured it around the plants because I didn’t have any ph down on hand.

    Do gg4 genetically have purple stems? Do I have a calcium deficiency maybe? Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    TLDR; slow growth, purple stems and yellowing leaves on gg4.
    Slow growth and yellowing leaves on Afghan kush

    Here is a link to my pics
  2. Im leaning towards magnesium deficiency
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  3. Would it cause those little dots too? Should I just keep using my hs easy grow? It has magnesium in it. Will the leaves ever get better or will it just keep the ones green that are green right now? I guess I’m just trying to say, how will I know when I have fixed the problem?
  4. Cal mag would be best you can foliar spray the spots are proablly cal def. But the yellowing edges and purple stems are most likely mag def. Your ph being off could have caused the issue if thats fixed cal level effects mag use by plant so id say it proablly a combined issue. The effected leaves proablly wont recover but new growth you should be able to keep eye on shouldnt progress
  5. Ok I’ll pick up some cal mag and keep checking my ph. Thanks for your help!
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  6. No problem buddy keep us updated
  7. E9CF97D6-79D4-425D-A148-6394E29B9F65.jpeg

    Looking more as it’s a calcium defiency but magnesium probably wouldn’t hurt so just grab some Cal-Mag or whatever you substitute
  8. Sounds good. That cal mag should hit both of the possibilities, so I’ll give it a shot! Thanks.
  9. Forgot you mentioned ph problems.. could be lock out.. I’ve seen a chart for that as well but I think it was for coco. Not too sure.
    But before you add that Cal-Mag I would add plain water that you ph’d to what your medium is first. Have you added any other nutes already?
  10. I applied nutes yesterday. And a half dose last week. But that’s the only time I have added nutes since I put them in the ground on June 2.
  11. My bad, I was skimming through your paragraph, should’ve read more. Sorry. :blink:
    But yeah keep up the plain ph’d water and see how they perform after for a little, because if you have nutes already and it’s lock out you don’t want to overfertilize and risk burn.. you’re on the right track through brother! Just keep an eye on that one. Hope you’re able to update us with something soon.
    Peace, brother!
  12. No worries at all, it was a long story haha. Do you think it’s possible I overwatered it too? Maybe I should let it dry out and see if I can get the roots to stretch out a bit?
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  13. I doesn’t look like you overwatered it. But it’s always good to let the soil dry out some in between waterings. Not bone dry, of course. But enough to make the roots fight for water. Because, in the end, that’s what you want. A healthy plant starts with a healthy root system, and watering only when it needs, builds a stronger root system. Weed is a very resilient plant, it’s pretty amazing what it can overcome. :):)
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  14. When I see little yellow dots like that I think bug bites.
  15. So I just noticed this, on my first picture zoom in on the leaf directly above my white pipe cleaner, there is a small black bug there. Any idea what it is?
  16. Sorry, I haven't had problems with bugs, I've almost exclusively grown inside and have only had a few bugs that bit a few leaves but didn't cause a problem. Many of the serious bugs that affect cannabis are extremely small such as mites and are frequently too small to be seen unaided.
  17. So I just noticed this, on my first picture zoom in on the leaf directly above my white pipe cleaner, there is a small black bug there. Any idea what it is?
  18. I missed that too. Good eye. I don’t know the name but it’s a fairly common pest that’s can infest the flower but you’re still in veg so you don’t have to worry too much. If you don’t mind going organic, as I do, you can just make a solution of plain distilled water.
    Grab some organic garlic, organic cilantro, organic bay leaf, and some organic clove or neem oil. (Always go easy on the oils.. they will be more pure, so a lot can cause problems, just a 1/2 a teaspoon or so should do you right..)
    You don’t have to have every single one, but I believe the more, merrier, and better safe then sorry. You should be good with that, just cut up each of those a little bit so they can emulsify a little better. Shake every so often, and wait til you think it’s well mixed. Shouldn’t be more then like a day or so.
    Then just foliage that liquid on to EVERY part of each leaf. Do not miss one area, and make sure to spray the underside of the leaves as well. You don’t have to hit the stem with it though, just the leaves is fine.
    That should deter most pests out of your garden,and if you have some neem seed meal, yucca, or something along those lines, you can apply it to the soil and it’ll help keep root pests away as well.
    Hope this does you well brother.
    Feel free to @me or hit me up anytime with an update.
  19. That’s awesome! Thank you very much. I’ll definitely get on making some of it!
  20. I forgot as well that’s 1/2 tsp per gallon so adjust accordingly.
    Follow up with me and Let me know though, brother!
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