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??Purple Stems in Veg??

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by highergrowth, May 8, 2009.

  1. What does this mean? I think it's not good as the stems feel wood like. Anyone know why this happens and how to treat it?

  2. Some varities just have purple stems naturally like black domina. as long as the plant looks healthy dont worry about it.
  3. as far as i know purple stripes on the main stock of the plant is good. its just the plants speicies. my plant has those purple stripes all over it and its doing great
  4. I also have plants showing purple on the stems, one of them has purple in an inch or so band on the re-veg growth, then goes back to green. Kinda odd
  5. Ive seen half of my 20 plants of the same strain (super skunk) develop purple stem/leaves/etc. Same room and it seems random. Ive heard that colder temperature could make it turn purple if it's genetically predisposed to purple. Some of the plants are under the cooler vents, but still its a mystery to me. If anyone knows the exact reason please post.

    btw the green and purple bud tasted, smoked, and felt the same. :)
  6. Thanks guys for the posts.
  7. If it's a mother you are talking about, pruning it too much will cause purple stems.

    There are a number of other factors that cause the stems to turn purple as well, so you might need to do some digging.
  8. Check your nute levels and adjust, could be lacking a little something.

  9. low nitrogen levels can cause purple, but so can gaenetics
  10. Most people say that colder temperatures in the last few weeks of flowering will make buds turn purple (cold reservoirs are key). Purpling in plant leaves has to do with chlorophyll being burnt out of the bud by light, though, and while the cold helps this process occur, in my own limited personal experience i've found the most important factors to purple stems/buds on plants in veg and flower to be light intensity. Id guess that outdoor plants go purple far more often in NA because of a combination of both high outdoor light intensity (that cant easily be replicated indoors) and dropping temps late in the season. It explains the weird strippey patterns on the leaves and stems of plants too, because they are underneath other leaves and get splotchy light intensity that burn varying amounts of chlorophyll around the leaf/stem. Light intensity seems like the only likely reason for these odd patterns, mixed with prerequisites for either/or nitrogen defs and cold temps in the genetics to show the tendency.
  11. Stress/injuries cause purple as well. Way back when I did a botch supercrop and it made bruise stripes all up and down the main stem that was bent and squished (but not snapped or broken).

    Also for the leaf stems, it will indicate if the leaf is acting as a source or sink
  12. Purple Stems could be a result of genetics, so you can expect purple stem throughout the plants life. Purple stems aren’t dominant trait, and are rarely genetically induced.

    If not the genetics, purple stems are caused by a Phosphorous (P) or Magnesium deficiency, if there is a P deficiency you may also notice symptoms such as brittle leaves or greyish spots. To assist the uptake of Phosphorous (as well as most other nutes) you should ensure the pH is slightly acidic.
  13. The only reason I clicked on this thread is because I thought it said "Purple Stems In Vag" so I was kind of intrigued. But this thread is over 2 years old so I don't think this guy needs advice anymore.
  14. It's called the reserection of the dead...;)

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