purple stems, droopy leaves

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  1. After doing days of reading these forums, I can come to no conclusion on what's going wrong with my plant. I HAVE PICTURES, BUT NO WAY TO PUT THEM UP UNTIL TOMORROW, for computer hassle reasons.
    but before i ask my question, i'll explain my setup
    First grow, in bedroom closet, small fan for circulation, initially one CFL bulb with a reflector was put on it and now, 3 or 4 weeks later, it has 3 CFL bulbs all about 3" away from it. ph reads 7.0 or a little over.
    Started from bagseed, placed in Calloway's Potting soil (I didn;t have anything else available, although I'd really like to try this FoxFarm. I might be able to get it now, i'm gonna go check the store tomorrow), and i have transplanted it to a bamboo 2-gallon pot.
    has not been ANY nutrients yet, although there is an amount of time-release(water-release) nutrients already in the Calloway's potting soil. Like I said, it's about 3 or 4 weeks old now.

    Now, the other day I noticed my little girl looked a little hungry, a little droopy. I watered her and I somehow did too much I believe. She righted herself and looked good the next day but later that same day she started drooping again. The stems turned red and The first leaves at the bottom started turning yellow the next day. The next day (which was yesterday), she droooped all day, a little more, and the red/purple stems have extended almost all the way to top of the 7" tall plant. The lower leaves edges exhibit a browning. So yesterday I took out all of the surrounding soil in the pot, added perlite and some dry potting soil, then lifted the plant, took out some more of the wet soil, placed an inch of dry soil under it, then returned it to the pot immediately and put it back how it was. I turned the lights off so the roots would grow for a couple hours. today it still droopy, but ive had lights on them all day.
    My suspicion is that my soil stayed damp for too long and the nutrients were still being released, causing my plant to "block" everything out for now since there's too much water. Does this sound right? and if so, what would be your suggestion? I think flushing would just cause it to be way overwatered. and since I kinda just did a transplant, I think doing it again would stress it out way too much.
    Much thanks in advance guys.
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    Fox farm is a good soil brand.I would totally get it.Either your plant is locking out the nutes(nute lockout) due to ph being to high.Or your plant isn't getting enough nutes.I know Fox farm Ocean Forest has enough nutes in it to last about 3-4 weeks or more depending on the plant.Is your water ph 7.0?or is that your soil?
    because purple stems,droopy leaves is classic signs of not enough Nitrogen,Phosphorus,or Magnesium.Could be all three.
  3. thanks

    the store had closed but i found another so ill go tomorrow. and ill get it, but would a transplant be too much for the plant right now? would i want to give it any nutes if i transplanted into fox farm? or just water? Its just i hear alot about people thinking its too little nutes and they go make their plant worse. pictures are coming up in a little bit.
  4. Yeah I think it would be a little to much for them.When you go to the store see if they got some superthrive.If you can find some then yeah transplant it to the fox farms cause superthrive is a miracle.It will help your plant root better,and prevent transplanting shock.As long as you do it right it shouldn't really bother the plant.Yeah that do happens but if thats the case then it is usually because the ph is to high or to low and that results in nute lockout so if you add even more nutes in it.It can kill a plant.The 7.0ph you got was that from the runoff from the soil after you watered it or thats the water ph?
  5. This is the culprit. see, very red stems and even a few brown spots up on top of my new leaves, but i think those are from the light being too close. i moved them back. pictures now.

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  6. a little over 7 was the soil ph. im getting a water tester today as well as the fox farm. but shes startin to show a little more yellowing, and her whole stem is basically purple now. i put some vinegar in water to lower the ph and poured a cup of that in. shes still droopin today though.
  7. Does that soil container have holes in the bottom for proper drainage?Also how big is that container?Looks like a bowl?I am starting to think that maybe your plant is just root bound.Droopy leaves are a sign of it being root bound.Get a bigger pot and transplant it.
  8. lol a bowl.
  9. Where did you hear this?
  10. what's a bowl?
    as i said, after much reading. teach me please, professor.
  11. it's a pot. i transplanted it today to some fox farm. she looks even worse today. ill keep the lights off overnight for root growth. and it is a bigger pot.
  12. How did the roots look when you transplanted?
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    Your ph is too high try 6.0
  14. Dont be eradic with your lights
  15. Id say he is watering too often. purple stems and yellowing is nute lockout. but I agree with growbig2, its probably root bound. You should water your plant like every 3 days NO MORE not even little bits.

    when you water, soak soil with about 40% of what it can hold and let it drain. even after 2 days when the top seems dry, the roots are not! so moisture meter helps too. When watering you should have your water at 6.5, your runoff should be as close to that as possible.

    then it needs to rise in alkalinity to go through its scale of nutrient absorption. if you dont let them dry all the way and keep watering it it will never undroop and die. keep the light schedule the same.

    Good luck brother
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