Purple Stems, Brown Spotting, and Yellow leaf tips

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  1. I am growing a super silver haze plant indoors in soil. I am using a 150 watt HPS light. I started the plant outside and brought it inside fully about three weeks ago. The stems of the youngest leaves have started to turn purple and seem to be making it way down the plant. There has also been random brown spotting on some leaves. Also the tips of young leaves are a little bit yellow. I believe the pH is around 7.5-8 and have been working on lowering it since this symptoms have started. Any ideas on what this is/what to do? I attached some pictures but it was hard to get good lighting so they did not come out too good. Thanks for the help.

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  2. Post a pic is easy

    the red coloring will be the cold

    either inside or from being outside ..keep her warm

    I'd be getting another 150w hps 150w is all heat not enough light

    ensure you have her in a min. 3 us gallon with quality soil and 20% perlite

    a small fan is a good idea

    good luck

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