purple stem streaking in organic soil question

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  1. hey all, I have had an issue in my last couple grows, and I'd like to get your thoughts on whats happening.
    First off, I'm growing in LD's basic mix that he posted awhile back, ammended with blood and bone meal, alfalfa, kelp meal, and a bit of lime.
    On my first run with this soil, things went excellently, using 7.5 gal pots.
    When the first run was done, I wanted to start using larger pots, so I went up to 13.5gal pots, added a few handfuls of lobster compost and EWC, and off I went.
    Well, with th switch to the larger pots, I made the mistake of overwatering the plants the first few weeks of flowering, and it really hurt the plants, yeild went way down VS the last run, and the stems developed this deep purple streaking in all the stems.
    Now, going back a bit, the plants used in the 2nd run were clones taken from the first run, and while the clones were developing, I did notice a bit of the purpling in the stems, but it didnt really strike me until they were into flowering and was already having the overwatering issue.
    So, I started more seeds, and in the meantime, added more lobster compost, ewc, ect to the mix, along with more perlite since since it had started to get heavy from me adding the compost, ect.
    Now I'm 3 weeks into flowering with this run, and I'm starting to see the purple streaking again.
    I've been really careful not to overwater, so I'm 99.9 percent sure thats not the issue (I can never be 100% sure right now, I'm still a NOOB! lol)
    So, searching for answers, I starting researching...now, I know most of you guys always repeat the fact that in organics we dont worry about "deficencys" in our soil mixes, and the same goes for PH, but, from what I've gathered, most say that purpleing in the stems can be from lack of potassium, so I am wondering what your thoughts are?
    I've also wondered about my water source, I use RO water, that comes out with a PH of 8 or sometimes even a bit higher. My tap water comes out about the same PH, just with alot higher PPM (100+, and has a funky taste).
    Do you think I could be screwing with the natural PH of the soil by using that water?
    Also, should I be re-ammending with more lime between cycles as well? (I havent added any since my first run, this is now the 3rd run with this soil)
    Thanks for any and all help you guys can give me, I really appreciate everything you guys do.
    If ya would like, I will post some pics of the plants, just let me know if ya need em.
    Happy Growing!! :smoking:
  2. IMO, you should have added more lime, whatever flavor you like. It DOES get depleted and you're on your 3rd run?

    I'm not a big fan of RO water with organics. 'Dead' water in a living soil makes no sense to me. 100PPM tap is far from bad. For example, in commercial hydro set-ups, ~150PPM is preferred for the starting water.

    I know this isn't hydro, that was an example, but I think your tap water would serve you better.

    My .02 and almost worth it.

  3. Assuming you have a healthy soil, some strains are predisposed to having purple stems, especially strains that will turn purple. Cloning, low temperature, and exposing the stem to increased light exposure can make them purple more.

    I looked at your journal ... You mentioned in the first post there about being paranoid about over-watering and still seem to be stuck on it.
    I would get some smart pots, bro. :wave:
  4. thanks for the tips guys, i really appreciate it, I'll pick up some more lime today. should I sprinkle some over the top of the soil, and water it in? or mix it into the water and give it to em that way?
    The reason for the ro water was more because of the metal taste to the water, somehow, I feel like that cant be good for the plants.
    I know I wont drink the tap water here because of it, so I figured when I first started growing (I started last year with hydroponics, DWC style.) might as well install the RO setup.
    I was very worried about overwatering, but was doing very well, and haddnt had any overwatering problems, and had a great first run in 7.5 gal pots. This last run when I went to the 13.5gal pots is when the problem started.
    The pots are pretty heavy with the soil in it, and they fill up my space pretty much, so its harder to lift them to feel how much water they need.
    Glad you mentioned that cloning can cause the purpling, cause I did notice it starting with the clones.
    again, thanks for the advice guys, and keep it coming!!
    Happy Growing!!

    ohh BTW, izzy, love your sig, calvin rocks!! lol

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