Purple 'soap' in bud?

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    Basically just a bit of background:
    Dealer is the nicest guy not the 'dug dealer type' and he does dank hydro at normal prices (1/2 = £110). Have been using this guy for about a year now and is my favorite dealer and has subsequently become my main dealer. There are others with some shit from Amsterdam which is great but this UK grown hydro is amazing. Anyway, not relevant.

    Back to the title. I picked up a half oz as i usually do, went home and a few hours later i start to break it down (the entire half). Since i love looking at weed i really study the buds when i get a new batch, they look nice and sugary, sticky etc. Just characteristics of some dank. Anyway i was about half way through and noticed this purple shit (NOTE: when i got home i sniffed the bag and it smelled great (like good soap) but not so much a weed smell(smells of weed)) was stuck to one of the buds. So i take it off and it feels like soap and smells like soap. But why or how does that end up in the batch? I mean most probably it accidentally happened and there is nothing more to it. But i felt i should ask about it. And my questions is if it isn't soap, then what is it?

    I'm going back tomorrow to grab a q of this new batch he's picking up to give it a go so i will ask him then and present him with my findings. In the meantime, what do you guys think?

    Just before i posted i decided i should smoke a lil:
    It hits fairly harsh and the buds slightly smell like that purple stuff. It's taste and burning smell all remain normal of this strain (Cheddar / Cheese)
    The high that i am starting to feel is consistent with the strain.

    I have attached a few images below.
    The first one is no flash, second is flash and the third i smeared it on the desk and took a flash.
    Thanks for any replies in advance!

    Edit: I smoked a lot more and can taste that purple shit in my lungs, will be smoking this till that new batch tomorrow, so not much smoking will be happening till then by the looks of it.
  2. Most likely it was a bag that he had laying around (If he's a hippy type they sell bags of goats milk soap at local health food stores) probally just reused the bag. Nothing to worry about.

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  3. sorry for the late reply. I asked him and he didn't know but seemed legit confused. And yea he seems like that kinda guy and its sorta what his van smells like so wouldn't surprise me. however i forgot to bring it. any way thanks for the peace of mind, just kinda needed someone else to tell me its okay. But still i haven't smoked any of it.
  4. It could be the bag was close to some soap. One time I got a bag that smelled like hay. Then it turned out it was stashed in hay. Bags hold a lot of odor you sometimes smell what was around the weed being stored.

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