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Purple Rhino *813*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DankNasty813, May 19, 2010.

  1. Some Purple Rhino (Grandaddy Purp x White Rhino) I picked up locally here in Tampa. I haven't been on here in a while so I figured I'd start you guys off with something kind of nice. MORE TO COME! ENJOY!

  2. hell yeah dude, that looks like some dank shit
  3. looking dank man, keep it up - while it keeps you up :)
  4. looks mighty dank, how does it smoke?

    and to the guy above me, is your avatar a solargraph as well?
  5. wow thats some amazing bud right there.. sexy ass color.
  6. thats shit looks fucking awsome!!!1
  7. wow,white rhino and grand daddy purple,that's got to be a cool combo,how the high?
  8. Damn, I'm in Tampa too, wish I could get stuff like that! Nice.
  9. this bud tokes great. the smoke is potent, but not so thick that it chokes you. the White Rhino and Grandaddy Purp that I got before this both smelled amazing but their odors had a tendency to permeate through their bags and linger in the room well after i had left, which could cause problems for some people. however, the Purple Rhino smells amazing without the smell overwhelming the entire room. (which i don't consider a problem. haha) although it's almost completely indica (95 indica/5 sativa i believe), it definitely has characteristics of a sativa high. the White Rhino that goes around here is 90 indica/10 sativa so maybe that explains the slight sativa effect.

    i have a lot more pictures of strains that i've been getting that i haven't had time to post. hopefully i'll be able to add some more later today or tomorrow.
  10. wow that looks dank as shit. how much did you pay?
  11. let's just say i don't only pick up for personal use. but, the price i pay usually works out to around a little less than $10/g.

    for consumers the price can range anywhere from $25 for the half 8th to $20/g. Usually stuff in Tampa goes for $15/g.
  12. damn man that is some dank as purple rhino, neva seen that stuff before.
  13. Jeez, that bud is FINE.
  14. Dank 4 Sure!!! damn dude very nice pickup +rep for that sexy bud.HOw much does that run if you dont mind me asking?
  15. wow that looks exactly like the medi purp rhino i got out here in cali very very dank
  16. if you're a consumer it will usually run about $25 a half 8th, $30 at the most if you don't know the guy. an oz for a consumer would be between $325-$375.
  17. Thanks alot man just skeeted all over my keyboard :eek:
  18. more pictures to come soon. going to be putting some of Northern Lights and Grandaddy Purp soon.

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