purple pot or just disease?

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  1. i have this plant tht has been alive since february, because of light leak problems early on the plant never fully flowered indoors and suffered some stress and topped itself multiple times. i decided to take it off 12 12 (friend would not let me add more lights in his attic) and popped it out side early june.

    the plant is now about five feet tall and fairly bushy but not proportionate to its hight. it has never been on any steady feeding plans just lots of good soil from a compost pile mix with organic bag soil transplanted straight into the ground.

    the problem: ever since the plant went outside (did not gradually put it in sun went from indoor to dark period back to veg outside all in two days) evr since it went out parts of the stem, leaves, and now, bud is turned a deep dark purple but im pretty sure it is a disease of some kind, (the clones we took while it was still indoor have flowered nicely under hps light but with no purple) i also see bright red specs in the premature flowers which may be pistils but then again there is only a few red ones and they look more like red stipules within the bud.

    again im no expert but would appreciate some expert advice i wall post pics hopefully by tomoro
  2. Pictures would help alot, but color changing (purple,red,etc.) is caused by low temperature, or a good amount of temperature decrease.
  3. If your plant is not a purple strain which it doesn't sound like the only other main cause would be cold. If it is much colder outside than in your buddys attick that could be the cause.
  4. thats probably at least part of what it. is we had zero ventilation in that attic. it was probably living for a month or two in the upper 90s.
    the dark purple color creeps on the sides of the leaves and sometimes in blotches, it covers the stem leading to the buds and the entire bud structure is this color.

    when we first put it out it was not so much purple as it was blackish which is kind of nasty i am not sure how the buds will turn out but i hope to get at least an ounce or two (never grown outside)but hopefully it will be an ounce or two of smokeable bud

    i will post pics soon as possible but because its location is difficult

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