Purple N.Y.P.D. at harvest

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  1. Chopped this girl last night. N.Y.P.D.from Nirvana. She was purple from the moment she started flowering. Just wanted to share. Not expecting much off this one. Very delicate buds. Not very dense at all. But I think it will be very tasty when the cure is done.

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  2. What kind of.lighting did you use. And how big isnthe plant that loooks like a good yield from the photos
  3. Veged under t5's, flowered under 1000 watt hps. She is a nice size, but like I said the buds are very delicate, and pretty airy. I usually pull about 3.5-4 oz. per plant, but I think she might be more like 2 oz.
  4. Quiet today huh?
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    She's a beauty...

    Hope ya got clones =)...If not better re veg =)
  6. Wow that looks tasty :smoke:
  7. Nice looking nugs, sir!
  8. DAMN Dude!! Looks amazing! I Have the SAME seeds growing as we speak from the same nirvana seed bank in Holland. I have 6 NYPD & 6 Master Kush. They sprouted about 57 hour ago. Any tips on the NYPD strain? The link in my sig shows my grow journal for them and the setup. right now they are under 600w MH, they will go to 600w HPS February 1st-5th. I appreciate any/all advice you have on this. I plan to LST mine in late veg early flower, then use a scrog to support the colas. did you do anything like this? what kinda training?
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Yeah man she's a real looker. Awesome job.
  11. I run full organic so no real advice on how much she likes to eat. I did to an early topping in veg then a suppercroping in the beginning of flower.

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone
  12. Thats straight fuckin gorrrgeous dude.. 2 thumbs up
  13. More harvest pics coming soon.
  14. Good! How early was your topping? my 4th leafsets are just getting big enough to top.
  15. I usually top at 3-4 nodes, and then suppercrop right before flower.

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