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  1. Who uses this and what kind of results do you get? What kind of system (soil/hydro)? What growing medium?

    I use is once very two weeks as a foliar spray during vegetative growth. I also water with it once a week- I add it to the reservoir, water the plants, then drain and dispose of any remaining nutrients and start fresh for the next week. The directions say NOT to use it with an aerator which is why I add it to the reservoir just before changing it.

    My plants get watered with it once a week from the 1st week of veg up through the end of bloom. I foliar spray the plants every other week until the flowers start to set in heavy, usually after about 3 weeks in 12/12.

    I've done side by side comparisons with and without Purple Maxx and the difference is there with the Maxx. Weight is almost identical, being slightly higher on average per plant (only by 3-7 grams) when using the Purple Maxx. The biggest difference that I notice is the crystallization of the flowers. The plants that received Purple Maxx have 30-40% more crystals all over the surface of the flowers and leaves. Resin is also more noticeable on the treated plants.

    Overall I give it a positive rating, though I have had some problems with it raising the ppm to an undesirable level and causing fertilizer burn in some cases. This is not the fault of the nutrient, as much as my fault for not paying close enough attention.

    Any thoughts/views?
  2. i have some questionable results when i used purple max and gravity out doors on 3 gallon planters...seemed things were going well untill i applied the humbolt products...growth stoped and seemed like they just crapped out for those last three weeks...
    im scared to use them anymore untill i can do a side by side test...
  3. That is exactly what happened to me with Bushmaster from the same company as Purple Maxx & Gravity. I've always had good results with the Maxx, Gravity was so-so. Bushmaster ruined an entire crop one time- never again will I use it.
  4. With Bushmaster only use a SMALL amount. I use 1ml/gallon. The directions on the bottle are wrong. I've always had great results with it. As far as purpleMaxx as far as I know it only works on purple strains, it just brings out more color.
  5. bush master, purple maxx, and gravity has a VERY HIGH chance of killing your plants. Be prepared for major yellowing of leaves or a bad crop.
  6. sounds kinda like brylcreem "a dab will do ya"
  7. On Thursday I got Monster Bloom and Gravity and then on Friday I got Purple Maxx. That night I went ahead and mixed up the Monster Bloom and started em on that and then on Sunday I am going to start them on the Purlple Maxx for once a week at 10% solution in gallon actually both of em are gong to be at 10% for the first week so I can see what is up with it. I had started em out straight up MiracleGro and had gotten em up to a 20% solution a gallon with that so I am hoping nitrogen stays high enough to finish em cause I am going with straight bloom ferts from here on out I think I got a couple gallons of Gro stilll mixed in case of real bad yellowing but for the time I am concentrating on the blooms. Really was hoping to hear some about extra node growth from the Maxx but havent seen it on any posts so far. That was the biggest thing that caught my eye with the ad extra growth but anyhow wait and see. Good Luck and Good Growing
  8. This is why every one needs a TDS/EC meter.I use FF Nutes and when i checked the "Mix" as per the "Feeding Schedule" it was 2500ppm or more:eek:.
    I thought that the Open Sesame,Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching were killing my girls when in fact it was the Tiger Bloom:(.
    Now i add one Nute to the water at a time and ck the PPM after each.
    Now i can control the PPM for each plant.
    I grow Hydro and soil less.:smoking:
  9. as mentioned, all of these products are very concentrated and a very small dose is all that is needed. the op isn't using the product per the instructions. nutes and supps should be researched before use. for instance, i read above that bush master caused his plants to stop growing.... that's exactly what it's supposed to do. i ml. per gallon is what i used and it worked "right now!"
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    Mother nature is a bitch and on some things she is a precise bitch nutes ferts what have you but on other things like broken tops or what have you she is a little more forgiving and if you feed her exactly right she aint no bitch no more. That was what I had decided to do with mine is just one step it and see what is what. Had seen in other posts that if you include gravity in with the mix it is soo reinous you can even smoke it his words was for hash only. So I am not all that sure I am going to let all the girls have a sip of it or not but some at least just to see. Oh yeah on the purple maxx bottle it plainly states that it is purely experimental and you take your own risks using it but hell all of it is till you know. So for the time being Good Luck and Good Growing! Happy Holidays too!
  11. It seems that after I treated my plants the first time with Purple Maxx and then decided to back that back with a 10% solution of MGro on the same day I now have the burnt tips and leafs, dont really know if there is a fix but not really sure that I am going to attempt one either, because what is happening is that the pen leaves surrounding the bud site is burnt out at the edges, but after I stood there and really looked at it I decided that it was actually a somewhat equal measure to something I had previously decided to use as a pruning measure in the future nearer to the end of flowering not soo sure that this "burning" may actually lead to a better bud per say. But as to the other plants they are doing just fine they are not showing any signs of burning at all YET. So anyhow thought I would stop in and let you know. But also I did go ahead and give it a good drink of ro water. This plant is the smallest one in the crowd so think that it is relative to plant size but this plant was also one of the first on this grow to bloom too.So it may be an indicator of things to come for the others too I will let you know. Good Luck and Good Growing! Merry Christmas coming here at the end of January

  12. maricle grow!!!!!!no!!!!!!chemicals and nasty stuff you dont wanna smoke!

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