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  1. Please help. I bought these feminized seeds (blue hawaiian). I've got them under blue and red lights 24 hours right now (seedlings). Should it look like this? Bad lighting in photo...it's very purple

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  2. No. It shouldnt look like that. What lights are u using?
  3. Looks under watered and underfed.
  4. Blue and red led grow flood
  5. Thanks for the reply. What should I feed it at this point? (2 weeks old)
  6. Blue and red led grow flood light
  7. I would be running 1/2tsp MaxiBloom and 2.5ml CalMag per gallon of water at that point so 300-500ppm.
  8. Phosphhoros defiency can turn ya leaves blacky purple coloured in parts. A bit young for defieciencie though if in siol as soil as all the nutes a baby needs for first 2 or 3 weeks... i no u sed bad pic but it looks a bit mouldy on puc too???? Hope it works out lv x
  9. Thanks...no mould for sure. I added a little bone meal to the soil to add a little phosphorus
  10. Hi. Yes ya rite. shudnt be deficiency wi bone meal .not sure. Look at watering and lights like others av mentioned. I hope it goes ok for u xxxx
  11. Hi Promoore. Pls acept my opoligies. I ment Potasium not posphorous!!!! Still maybe int the prob but its potassiun that turns leave black or purple in places. So sorry. I can hardy spell correct so remembering nute names is a night mare!!!!

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