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purple leaves on my seedling

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by baked4now, May 8, 2009.

  1. its about 3 weeks after germing today and there are 4 bigs leaves on it one of the leaves is turning off colored and the newest leaves are turning purple are they getting to many nutes. i cant get a pic because these leaves are to small my my camera sucks.
    my set up is in my closet under a cfl probably an inch away then i give it miracle grow nutes once or twice a day diluted in lots of water. its in starter soil and its been growing fine but this is my first grow so i dont know that lol. what do you guys think your the experts?:smoke:
  2. first of all, rinse the soil and read through this forum. you have fed it way too much, as well as watered them! plants should be watered no before than when top layer of siol gets dry and if you put your index finger cca. 3cm into the soil it should be little bit moist. don't fertilize until you get first white hair coming out of your plant. now wash the soil of all the unnecessary fertilizer and be careful with watering and feeding.

    good luck in the future, let us know how are you doing

    p.s. how strong light do you have? it's probably too close to plants also
  3. oh man thanks alot this will help me a ton in the future i think you just solved both my questions thanks alot man.
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    this is old school horrible advice. Purple leafs can be from anything and rarly from fert burn. Typically purple leafs are from major temp swings, typically from really cold nights follows by hot days....or the grow room getting to cold when the ligths are off or just a cold room room in general as well as over watering. If it was nute burn it will show on the leafs but in a different way....rusting, yellowing, leafs randomly dying.

    some1else if you use you watering tech you will end up over watering your plants as they do like to dry out.....typically its good practise to flood out your pots...we water every 3 or 4 days but that can be different for everyone...it depends on your situation. 3cm of pro mix will dry out in a day....but there will still be water in the bottom of the pot so to water them would be a bad idea....this leads to root rot, which can also make your leafs go purple. with regards to not ferting till the first white hair shows....what if you have clones? and thats besides the point....some strains take months to show sex.....typicall you should introduct fert a month after the seedling has popped or a month after the clone has rooted......

    ps: a cfl can never be to close to the plants when your dealing with seedings.....dont give out bunk advise dude! I do agree with you that he is giving them to much fert though...but those mistakes will show up later in the forum of a dried up dead plant. IMO if you have been giving a baby that much fert this is a lost cause....if you have more seeds start it up again...only this time do your research!

    stay safe guys!
  5. Due they look like this,,these are Mandala #1(purp seeds). There is alot of purple being bread into them these days. What strain u growin?

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  6. just bag seed because i plan on eating the raw bud straight fromt he plant to prove that its healthy and i hope its low on thc so i dont get to messed up i just want weed like it was grown in the wild. but this one is my indoor plant for smoking and i do want it strong. not a special strain but it could have purple on it ill ask my friend who gave me the seeds.
  7. Eat the Bud right off the plant mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont think i could down a fat sticky bud,,,pretty bitter:p Good Luck:smoke:
  8. maybe sprinkle alittle sugar on the bud will help me down it?
  9. You shouldnt even be watering it every day let alone fertilizing it twice a day
  10. lol are you serious, thanks for the help man that could be it i was told to water it all the time. lol at least there growing well.
  11. wait so ur not even gonna smoke it? ur ust gonna eat it...?
  12. yea man, but im going to grow good stuff too just shitty weed i got out of a bag and grew alittle planted outside and prayes it buds. but no man im keeping the good stuff to smoke because i love to get high :smoke:
  13. yeah but u know that eating weed "straight from the plant" probably would only make u sick i think not high at all lol why not just smoke dat shit u can get potent stuff out of bagseeds its just how its grown
  14. i know but im not looking to get high off of the bad stuff, i want the bad stuff to be as least potent as possible accually. i want the more nutricious bud more then the higher thc bud. anyways im growing potent stuff anyways so it doesnt matter lol.
  15. That's an interesting idea. You could always make some cannabis butter out of it, and mix it in a brownie recipe or something. At the very least you'll probably want to cure the buds. Never heard of someone eating or even smoking bud straight off of the plant.
  16. exactly noone would risk there bud, but i am and i want to get a bunch of supporters but i dont know how. oh well ill just do it myself. maybe this will solve the problem to world hunger just think about it. all the stuff you need to eat in one. so all we have to do is eat fresh bud right off the plant and drink water. if you want to join me in this just subscribe and help keep the post going.
  17. no dude, if you eat like 3 grams of wet weed you will get fucked up trust me....and thats like 1.5 grams bone dry that fresh shit is untouched...from the plant to your stomach
  18. im trying to grow weed with as little thc as possible to try this. my goal is not to get messed up, its to try something new and see if it can change the world. not everything is about getting messed up :smoke:
  19. hemp seeds are the most balanced food in the world known so far. hemp seeds are full of protiends and important fats to humans. we need to eat more hemp seeds. hemp leaves also contain minerals that you cant get anywhere else that are very important to the human body. most illnesses are caused by a deficiancy in these important minerals and make humans very sick. so if we eat cannabis more often then we would be healthier individuals. i dont really know how to explain this but its crystal clear for me.:smoke:
  20. man your not taking anyones advice.. I hope your plant dies sooon so it keeps you from puking everywhere hahaha

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