Purple leaf tips on seedling

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    Hey everyone, how are you.

    This is my first grow, so I have been trying to do things as simple as possible.

    light- 2 x 48" 40W t12 cool white flouros
    medium- generic Potting soil-[FONT=&quot]aged forest compost, perlite, and washed horticultural sand.
    Strain- 1 x GHS Alaskan Ice (White widow x pure haze)
    1 x G 13 Power Skunk

    It has been a week since sprouting. The Alaskan Ice has purple edges on the tips.(pic 1) The leaves are also purple on the underside.(pic 2) They have been like that since being under the light. Other than the color, it looks healthy with no curling or anything. The Power Skunk looks fine, except the color looks a little paler around the edges.(pic 3) I have not been able to find what it could be. Maybe it's just the strain? Any ideas?

    I have not added any ferts. The lights are 1-2 in. away. I am growing in a walk in closet, but I don't have any fans. Temp is about 70-72 F. When I watered the soil initially, I used tap water. Yesterday, I watered for the first time since planting and I used bottled spring water. It didn't seem to affect them. They are on a 24/0 light schedule. I don't know the pH levels.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any suggestions you have.

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  2. The burned leaf edges at this early stage looks tool be fert burn from the compost. Wait it out to see if it gets worse and if so flush it.
  3. pots prtty versitile...belive it or not ive got a 1/8 off two plat i grew in the dark with absolutley no light.....prbls are the quality they might all grow but the durtion it will take and the quality will vary depending on the care.....just give it gooooood light some water and nutrients and your good
  4. Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure now that it is nute burn which sucks cus I didn't even add any.

    Now I have 2 more problems though! I watered last night because the soil was dry. I looked at them an hour later, and there were little bugs jumping and larva crawling around inside the pots. It was disgusting. I think they are aphids, but they don't seem to be attacking the plant, at least not above the soil. I don't know how they could've gotten there unless there were eggs already in the soil.

    Also, the other plant is looking nutrient deficient, maybe nitrogen.(pic below) I'm really confused, cus it's the same soil.

    Well, I'm definately going to pick my growing medium more carefully next time. I guess I'll add some nutes to the Power Skunk And apply a safe insecticide to both. Any other sugestions?
  5. sorry here's the pic

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  6. Dude don't add nutes. We doesn't need outside food from seed until. week three from seed. Get some neem oil from the hardware store and spray the plants and soil to kill the bugs.
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    listen to vtech, hes pretty experienced...no nutes until at least week 3, or until 3rd node. and for the purp on the stems, could be due to the temp being too cold, since i doubt their is a deficiency at this point. whats your temps at?
  8. Okay, thank you. I won't add any nutes then. Sounds like that could've been real bad. I'll pick up the neem oil this afternoon. Those bugs freak me out. I feel so itchy just thinking about them. temp has been pretty constant at 71-72. Again, thanks a lot for the advice.
  9. I sprayed the top of the soil and the big leaves well, and in a couple minutes, most of the insect activity stopped. Great suggestion. I just got an electronic soil pH tester. The plant that looks nute burned is around 7.5 and the one with the yellowing is at 7-7.1. I tested it right after I sprayed so that could have affected it. They don't seem to be doing any worse.

    If anything changes, I'll let you know. Thanks a lot again!
  10. The purple is from temps I got this on my nyc diesel, bubble gum and alpha diesels the first 2 weeks. Those purple leaves will fall off at some point even if you fix your nute problem.
  11. Were they white/silver? (the hopping bug) if so, springtails, they feed on decaying plant matter, never heard of them harming a plant. I see you fixed the problem, just sharing info. (edit) wow im 2 years late....

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