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Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Burt, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Tastes like grape.

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  2. Never had purple Kush is the high good.
  3. Its a body high makes music sound really good but puts you to sleep at night lol.
  4. Supposedly a dead strain? Like no pure purple kush left. I know a grower here on okc who has some original seeds and is brining it back. Tried some looked like hours but ALL purple same effect too
  5. Looks dank and dense as fuck
  6. I have some PK too but mine isn't purple :/ yeah definitely somethin you wanna smoke before you hit the sheets!
  7. Dank nug, except for that tree truck :p
  8. It looks way more purple in person and smells like grapes. Its like the purest weed I've ever smoked.
  9. looks awesome, last time i had purp i was trippin out!
  10. nice brodie!

    thats a sleeper!
  11. lol far from dead
    there's always purple kush around.
  12. I had some that looked like that, tasted so fucking goood. On the bonus i got about 7 blunt out of a $50 sack
  13. Damn. Never had purple kush. Only type of kush Ive had is tooty fruity kush. Definetely a fan of the kush strains but my favorite has to be the sour d

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