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Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kidfazer, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Smells soooo good. Very good 50/50 high.


    Check the pickup thread for more pics (in my sig)
  2. how does it taste?
  3. taste pretty sweet and buttery
  4. looks great, nice buds bro + rep
  5. very :)
  6. Dank Buds you got there man. I have been getting the same kind of bud and im from the Bay. Exactly like that just a lil more purp. How much this run ya?
  7. Fire buds man!

    Thanks for sharing, I love purple kush.
  8. this is medical so the 8th was 45 or 50
  9. lucky med patients! I haven't gotten purple kush in so long... I have been getting some pretty potent trainwreck that my buddy grew, though.
  10. looks fucking delicious. enjoy!

  11. Nice looking nugs man, picture perfect :smoking:
  12. Nice buds dude. +rep forsure

  13. Oh =\ unfortunatly mine wasn't medical. But it was some great bud looks exactly like that. 50/8th here. The smell is amazing of this bud.

  14. nice nugs my man, looks dank

  15. Looks good man! How much is that? 2gs?
  16. nice purple kush bro, my favorite
  17. these nugs were part of an 8th i got. theres more pics in my pickup thread, which people have been telling me they like :)

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