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Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FuzzyNug, May 30, 2009.

  1. I was told this was Purple's 30 Bucks for 1.7 grams, it lasted me 5 days
    I did wake n bakes and this batch was all to myself, which was nice,
    This was good stuff, like a 1/3rd of my bongs bowl got me high as shit

    If anyone has a clue that this is actual purple kush I'll be your friend lol
    I've never had PK so...I want to know if it's legit? does it look legit?

  2. bummmpooor
  3. The bud don't look that great, but the smoke is EPIC.

    I still can't belive how long it lasted me of being high prolly most of my 5 days haha
  4. Yeah it's legit, I have some myself that looks almost the same. Havent smoked it, what's the high from it like?
  5. yep lovely PK :) highs mellow and hard hitting but lasts long

  6. UHM, idk i cant seem to explain it well right now as im high off a different kind hahaha

    but uhm ill try.

    I remember it was just really like chillaxx mellow like one of the best chillax mellows.
    If that helps at all.
    I'd give it a fucking 9/10 i cant belive how good it was ...idk man lol
  7. looks can be deceiving with weed...
    enjoy your nab
  8. It looks tasty to me...:yummy:
  9. nugs look really dense, and dank.:smoke:
  10. Oh dayum,

    that shit looks sticky. like the excrament of god himself
  11. They weren't that dense, But Kind of dense, and Yes
    This shit gets to be called dank haha, I miss it.
  12. looks delicious man
  13. that looks like some dank shit right there. was it a one-hit wonder? lol

  14. very.
  15. Did you use flash with your camera?

    That is a bit odd because there are crystal reflections due to light. I wasn't aware that THC trichomes responded that way to light.

    But anyway, it looks pretty good to me :D
    You have my approval.

    I'm not sure if it's purple kush though, because that usually has a very strong and visible purple color to it. But in the words of the Cannabis Connisuer, I'd tap that.
  16. Nice. Legit or not, it looks like a killer smoke.
  17. Superior price!! Good looking bud.

  18. Thanks Guys :D:smoke:

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