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Purple Kush Vs Strawberry kush Vs Afgooey

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hazeydays, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I have the option of picking up an ounce of all 3 (mixed, half and half, or all of one)

    based on your experiences with any of these, which is better? and what should I do?

    As of now i'm getting a mixer of all 3, 9.3g of each...but if purple kush is CRAZY i'd get a full OZ of that
  2. I really don't smoke too many strain names,
    but I would say get a 9.3 of all..
    Variety is great
    Or try a bowl of each to decide or decide once you see the buds
  3. You really cant go wrong with a mixture of all three (not to mention all of the salads you could make mmmmmmmmm). Def go with a combo pack man.
  4. I'd go with all 3, tri-fecta bowl for the win :smoking:
  5. the one bud i have always remeberd is afgooey i picked up a zip of it a few months ago it was my favorite bud ive ever gotten weight of i say go with the gooey
  6. I'd go with the gooey, I've seen kush around quite a bit but never seen gooey. If you haven't had any of them I guess the combo would be the safe bet.
  7. I've had purple kush and afgoo before. Not sure if the afgoo is exactly the same as afgooey, but I really enjoyed both. The purple kush had more of a trippy body stone like a haze, and the afgoo just knocked me out. I'd say get all three and enjoy variety.
  8. i would go with a ounce of purple and a ounce of strawberry, afghooey sounds great but. i love my kush and PK ad Strawberry or some choice strains. enjoy dude
  9. go with the gooey and purple
    all are tasty smokes but id have to go with those 2
  10. i've smoked all 3 and i would say i liked purple kush the best so i would say purple kush. but if you just wanna be sure, get all 3 lol. variety can't hurt.

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