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Purple Kush Pickup (Nebraska)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by architoker, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. picked up some purple kush a couple days ago. when i first looked at the buds i wasn't super impressed, but breaking em open is a different story. some of the buds have some nice blue/purple tones to em. the trichs have a nice gold color to them, also.

    once the smell hit me i felt high. after picking it up it's all i could smell till i got it home. definitely got a couple good looks from people in my building when i got back. :rolleyes: i put it all in a jar, only opening it when i need to get a bit more bud out for the grinder. last night i quickly took enough out that i needed for a small bowl. loaded it up, went outside for a quick smoke and coffee. came back about 10 minutes later and my entire apartment just reeked, all from the small bowl. great fruity and 'purple' smell to it. i don't really know how to describe that 'kush' smell but i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. fantastic smell - i could bask in that for a long time. tastes just the same - fruity, purpy and kushy. :p some of my favorites... purps and kush's. together = bliss! anyways.... great taste to it - nice and smooth. :p

    smooth smoke, great flavor, great relaxed high. upon taking the first hit i can just feel my entire body relaxing, especially my face. just a great relaxing and chill out high. can definitely put you in a couch lock, but i've found that i can be very productive smoking indicas, so i'm having a productive day. :)

    (and clearly i ramble a lot after smoking this stuff.... :cool:)

    rating: 9.0/10.0 or b+ - not the greatest pickup, but a great smoke and great chill nonetheless. :smoke:

    (i love macro shots... so i always put up a bunch. if it's too many/takes too long to load i'll pull some down) :hippie:









  2. Thats not purple kush lol. I had purple kush last week and it looks drastically different lol.
  3. not all purple kush is straight up purple.... :rolleyes:

    for example, see here, here, here, or here. (last one looks strangely like what i have....)

    too many posts and people on this site have proven that you can't always specify what strain a bud is just based on looking at it or having people look at pictures of it. you can't judge a book by its cover. i'm just going off what i was told by my buddy, my past experiences with purple kush, and ultimately what it smells and tastes like and how the high is.

    so, to each his own. :smoke:
  4. dude mine was green too :rolleyes:

    i'm just sayin, that aint purple kush bro :wave:

  5. just going with what i got. smells like a purp and tastes like a kush. can't beat the high and can't beat the price. :wave:
  6. Woah man deja vu all over man....hahahahha :smoke:

  7. it was way too easy hahaha

  8. You are aware lots of the "purple" strains have purple fan leaves with green ass nuggets.... remember the GROWERS named it, not the people who only see the nugs lol
  9. LoL i know what purple weed is like I get it all the time, distinct taste, distinct smell, etc..

    But i know purple kush and that aint purple kush lol.

    maybe some purp but not purple kush.


  10. Ive had green, purple kush from a disspensary many of time, you cant claim to know what a strain is via pics, dont bother, im not saying it is anything, im just saying, purple kush, doesnt have to be purps... Get over it
  11. you dont know shit man thats obviously not purple kush are you even looking at the picture? wtf does anyone here know anything about weed?
  12. i'm smoking it, tasting it, and experiencing it man. it smells like kush - citrusy, lemony smells that are sweet. stinks up my whole place. when i stick my nose in the jar i get a strong purp smell to it. same thing goes when i smoke it - it's got that taste that is characteristic of kushs (as it smells) as well as some purple on the palette and the exhale. smoked plenty of indicas and kushs - this has the same effect. all that leads me to believe that, regardless of whether or not it is "purple kush", it defintely has those characteristics to it, so i'll say what i choose to about it.

    also man, i've seen all kinds of different examples of the same kind of bud (or said to be the same kind of bud) - take blue dream, for example. that's been going around like crazy, and nearly as much as it's been going around people have been starting threads up about it (which i love!). a lot of it looks different, is taken with different quality camera, different lighting, etc... the buds themselves look different. yet, it's all blue dream (by word of mouth, obviously).

    (also, all pics except the last one (cloudy day) were taken in bright sunlight in mid afternoon. just thought i'de clarify.)

  13. You clearly are unaware that the same strain can have many appearances depending on the many different styles of growing.... grow up, and understand you cant claim to know anything about bud you see in a picture....
  14. [​IMG]




    while some of these look SEMI similar, but not quite the same, they are all purps kush. Do you get it?
  15. this stuff has me baked. :smoking:

  16. haha i bet man...that cinnex is still rockin me all over the place

  17. I really wouldn't trust you because you are claiming to know something that you have no possibility of knowing just by looking at a picture. Dont just come in here and shut the kid down saying its not purple kush, it very well could be. Or it couldn't but we will never know..

    nice buds op
  18. thanks man. :smoke:

  19. and that person who claims to know everything about purps kush, is clearly unaware of architokers knowledge...
  20. i dont understand how you could be so confident that its not purple kush

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