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Purple Kush or AK 47

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Thrasher2010, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hey i am crossed between what to get either: Purple Kush or AK 47 i am gettin a dub. I have smoked purple kush before but never AK 47. What do you think i should get between the 2?
  2. Purple kush in my opinion.

    Purple kush = Indica
    Ak47 = Sativa
  3. AK 47, def sounds better. Not so into purple kush.
    how much your dubs weight?
  4. not sure havent gotten a scale
  5. I'd get the AK-47, it's a good mix of body/head stone (which I prefer) while the Purple Kush is more of just a body high.
  6. I just smoked so much Purple Kush and I gotta say...

    100% indica... gets you fucked... I opt for PK.

    :smoke: So dense, so dank.
  7. purple russian
    get both in the mix ;D
  8. JUST vaped some AK47 and yes I have smoked Purple Kush before and I can HONESTLY say AK47!

    It also depends on how well they were grown and how mature they are.
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    $10 of both to help you decide in the future. The first time I ever picked up some dank it was AK-47. Here's my n00b budshot of.. part of a nug.

    EDIT: Didn't see the post above.
  10. AK just had some this week it was straight fire one bowl and done = my face disappeared :D
  11. what kinda question is that get both!

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