Purple Kush in the south

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  1. Ok so I have 5 fem purple Kush seeds on there way. Know I'm growing outside in the SE. My plan is to build a green house on my property and dig 5 foot holes in the dirt of the green house. The fill it with a medium. I'm am up for a good medium to start with I was thinking fox farms mixed with some bone meal,kelp,etc Also what nutrients should I go buy ahead of time?
  2. Skip the Fox Farms soils as you can build better yourself for way less money..
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
    Here is the fastest moving soil building thread..
    Done halfway right you won't need any additional ferts at all just water it..
    Don't bother with blood or bone meals.. Low grade crap and it'll draw critters that dig..
    Promix = Lowes or HD
    Perlite in the big 2 cubic foot bags = home depot
    Chicken manure = lowes
    Compost = ecoscraps from Home depot.. Forest floor duff works great if you have access to hardwood forests..
    alfalfa in 50 pound sacks from the feed and tack = 15 bucks
    Kelp powder from the same = about 75 for 50 lbs..
    Neem seed meal is good if you can run it down
    Crab, lobster, oyster shell powder any of them are good..
    Gypsum powder
    Garden lime if you don't use Promix and buy an unbuffered peat..
    Why a green house?? Visual protection or are you thinking of starting early?? Do you understand the whole photoperiod nature of the cannabis plants?? To early a start without additional light will cause out of season flower and screw the plants when they drop back into veg mid summer....
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  3. Ok so I've done indoor deep water culture grow. So I understand the veg,flower period and if they get messed up cld hermorph my fems. The green house is strictly visual control. Not legal here and rele looking forward to growing somebig bushes. Ques: the list of materials do I mix those together? I've read that with good soil in stages you never have to fert?

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