Purple Kush Bagseed CFL/Soil first grow

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  1. But I am still in the break in period for my LED light, so I don`t know if I will really need that much airflow even with a carbon filter.

    I was borderline with my 320W of CFLs and my Fans without a filter
  2. Id get the fan. I mean all the people in your building have to be able to smell it. And if you get a filter you will need a fan. I wouldnt spend that much on a fan but thats just me. Id get a cheaper one and a good set of ear plugs if the fan is loud. Besides from the looks of the dank weed you've been growing you should be sleeping like a baby;)

  3. hahaha yes indeed I am sleeping like a baby.

    What fan would you recommend? I do understand that I could find one cheapper, but this is the only one I actually saw in action. this one pushes 200CFM on the lowest setting, so it is a bit overkill for what I need! :p

    I`ll have to check with my local hydro shop to see if I could see some more models in action.

    Also with a fan and filter I would probably run some insulated ducting to blow the air outside like a portable AC. So that would keep the noise down a bit.
  4. Smart. Id run it outside just like that. No one will even know if you get a decent filter.

    Thats a good idea. Check out some and see what you like before ordering online. They might even do a price match if your local shop has good service

    The one I got is a
    VenTech 6-inch 440 CFM Air Duct Inline Centrifugal Hydroponic Exhaust Fan

    Only 79.99 with free shipping from Amazon

    I have the fan mounted and am running the ducts tonight so ill let you know how it preforms. You probably won't need one that big. For you set up id get a 4 inch filter and a 4 inch fan.

  5. hey Guys!

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  6. Hooked up the fan and got it running last night. That thing is a savage! Big time air pushing and a lot quieter than my smaller fan. Last night was the first time since I started using my tent that I didn't have to run the ac at all with the lights on. Its definitely a good buy imo. If you go with the one I got, I would recommend getting a speed controller since you probably wont need to run it at full capacity for your set up.

  7. Cool! thanks for the info! :)

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