Purple Kush Bagseed CFL/Soil first grow

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    Here are some pictures with the scope on, unfortunately they are blackberry pictures... but at least you guys can see!

    The trichs are pretty cloudy :D

    That's 60X btw

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  2. Nice n frosty
  3. So planning on cutting it down tonight!

    I will check the trichs before to make sure all is good!

    There is still some popcorn down below that had clear trichs yesterday... Should I chop the tops and wait for the last popcorns to finish a bit? or will that just stress the plant too much and not give me much more?

    Most of the smaller budz that were on top of the screens are now very milky, you can see the difference without the scope from a couple of days ago. All the bigger top budz are now probably very milky with a touch of amber. Still a white hair here and there but overall around 95% orange hairs and at least 80-85% milky trichs

  4. Yeah. It looks like I'm running a very similar setup in terms of light and nutes, so I can't wait to see your results. Trichs look nice and cloudy btw. :smoke:
  5. yeah! :D

    I need to find me a hamster and a tiny axe! hahaha that would make awesome pictures! :p
  6. Tell us when man, believed it was supposed to be a while ago, also how big was the harvest?
  7. Hey Guys!

    So as promised, I did the big move on her yesterday night! And it turned out pretty great! All went as planned and the yields (although I don't actually know) are pretty satisfying to me! Anything above 10g will be good to me for a first try on a bagseed, plus my friend bet me that I couldn't do more than 10g on a plant with CFLs :devious:

    I'm pretty sure I have more than 1oz and I would Eyeball it at about 35g, hopefully I'm very wrong and it will be in the 2oz range haha :smoke:

    I wish I had at least some kind of food scale to at least have a look at the wet weight (rule of thumb I found in some journals is dry weight will be around 4x to 4.5x lower than wet)

    Anyway! here are the pictures! (again, sorry for shitty blackberry pics)
    And this time with cigarettes, a beer and a tiny light for scale! :hello:

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    And some more!

    The 2 last budz to be harvested were the biggest out of the bunch and while harvesting I noticed they were actually the 2 top budz right were the plant was topped, so would that actually be fimming? It was a competition between these two throughout the grow, so I surrounded them with lights.

    The tops actually looked more purple than I thought when I took her out of the light.

    And the last pic is the new one in the flowering chamber. It's good to have her out of the veg room she was getting fat! I will add my Blue Dream in 1 or 2 weeks than add another Blue Dream in about 3-4 weeks. So I should have some good budz for christmas! :smoke:

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  9. Yay!!

    Nice job! And hope for some good smoke!
  10. Tell us when you got a number of the weight...
  11. don't forget they shrink in the dry ;)
    but yeah you have way more than 10g. lol

    i say total dry - 42.6
    lol total guess..
    would be sweet to see you pass that guess.
    2nd guess would be 54.2... lol
    (stoned) ;)

    looking Fire none the less!
    great job!

  12. haha wow! really? that much? lol I sure hope you're right!! :p

    but yeah it is fluffy but from what I have tried out, Very good!! it's now all trimmed and in jars I will weight it soon! :D
  13. It's been soon, now how much :D...

    Realized, this was my 50th post :cool:.

  14. looks like your stoned eyeballing isn't off by much!! :hello: :smoke:

    Total of 55g dryed in the jars!! I've probably smoked about 3-4g before I weighed it.

    pretty happy with this harvest! especially considering I was shooting for at least 10g lol!

    Got a lot more than expected

  15. YAY! How many plants?
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    That's 55g from 1 plant!
    planning on a ''staggered'' or ''perpetual'' harvest for my next plants. I got 1 more PK in flowering that just started showing sex and will put a blue dream in 2 weeks and another one a week or 2 after that.

    That yield is pretty consistent with most of the grows I've seen with about 200W of CFL, So I suppose I am in the average

  17. Oh man. Imagine like 10 plants. Damn thats one pound. I bet it was your awesome growing skills.

  18. haha yeah! a couple of 1000W HPS 10 plants and a whole lot to smoke! :D haha

    Can't really say it was my skill :p It was my first gardening experience haha but I did a shitload of research on everything related to growing! :smoke:
  19. So when on the plant if you squeezed a bud was it fluffy or dense?

    Do u have any bud shots we can see?

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