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Purple Kush and Grand Daddy Purple Pictures

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Just thought that I would share these with you guys.

    The 2 small triangular shaped nugs are Purple Kush. The one huge nug and the purplish nugs are Grand Daddy Purple. I haven't toked up the Grand Daddy yet but I took 2 hits of the Purple Kush, and its awesome. I hope you guys get a chance to try these strains.:D:D:D

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  2. Like the 2nd pic really nice smoke you got there, how much did you pick up and what'd you pay? +Rep
  3. I pay $40 an eighth usually and what I got was an eighth total, couple grams of Purple Kush and a couple of Grand Daddy Purple.

    Sm0ke 0ne
  4. That bud has an amazing trim job, you can tell that grower puts some love into his work..nice pickup.
  5. wow its stuff like that, that puts me too shame for smokin shwagg
  6. Amazing bud.
  7. those nugs look dense as hell. Id dry those puppies out, I love crispy nugglets

    edit: omg supersize the bottom pic and you will shit. Stuff looks bomb for sure
  8. def a nice pick up, love that purp kush.
  9. + rep for true purps not that other bull that i'm use to seeing i love true purps its a wonderful fruit.
  10. Well its after 4:20pm, the purple kush is ash, and I am stoned.:D
  11. nice pickup my friend...looks like the good good

  12. LOL :p
  13. That's some of the sexiest bud I've ever seen mate. Good on ya.
  14. straight dank, but whats up with the pictures, they look a bit off.
  15. i thought grand daddy purple was suppose to be pure purple not green... when i get it it is... but none the less they still look awesome

  16. Well it was purple enough for me. lol. :)
  17. dude whatever gets you high . and long as its high quality weed or at least pretty damn good mids then i wouldnt care on the color because who really cares how much what strain you are smoking long as you are blazed ?

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