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  1. Hey GC. 7relos,

    This weekend me and some of my boys are gonna try to get some purple haze from my friends dealer. apparently its medical shit so about 10/g, and i was gonna try to sell some of my shit so i can raise it. like, pawn my bricked PSP, some DS games, etc.

    I dont really gotta question, just kinda wanted to share. I guess though what can I pawn off to get the most money?

    Anyways. Toke it up my brothers.
  2. Unless you know the grower personally or get it from a dispensary, you really don't know what you're getting. Also, growers are now lowering the temperature (someone correct me if I'm wrong) in order for the buds to turn purple so that it can be sold as "purp". Either way, 10 a g sounds like something mids would be sold for....dank (in my area) is $20/g. Where do you live?

    And why are you pawning stuff for something you're going to literally burn through? :confused:
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    its been so fucking long since ive gotten high. and i've never gotten BAKED OFF MY ASS which is what i'd like to do. plus i never play my psp cause its bricked and i figure i can at least get about 30 bucks out of it... and idk wtf happened to my ds, i feel like someone stole it. so i have no use for the games. im not pawning anything i actually use.

    Edit; live in colorado, and my friend lives in boulder. He is getting MMJ, so i think it has a high chance of being purple kush. hopefully.
  4. Hmmm alright. Well either way if you haven't smoked in a while you won't need much. Just buy a g for $10 and see what you're getting. If you smoke it and it's good and gets the job done buy more. Don't just buy a larger amount without knowing if it's good stuff or not! :)
  5. Babies and bodily organs will get you the best deal. You just have to find someone with black market connections. Just make sure it's something you have two of, because some of them you only have one of and can't live without. You know, lungs, kidneys, eyes (don't worry, you'll look cool in an eyepatch), balls. I hear balls fetch a hefty price in the organs trade. You know the expression, "I'd give my left nut for a..." Well, you can probably GET that thing you wanted for it! I don't personally need one right now, but if I did - like if I had nuts cancer or got in a motorcycle accident like my friend did (he lost his left nut) - I would probably sell you my setup for a left nut. So I guess that wouldn't work for you then....try craigslist, that's where I got a lot of my shit for CHEAP! Plus, you can sell shit on craigslist that pawn shops won't take, and sometimes even for a better price. Hell, man, you can sell ANYTHING on craigslist. You know how I know that? Because you can BUY pretty much anything on craigslist. I mean, that's where I got my fuckin left nut.
  6. well I would sell my left nut but i have testicular cancer.... :'(

    thanks, man...

    alright that sounds cool. by the way Royksopp is fucking amazing. love your username.

    and i would sell it on craigslist but it would be hard to get rid of by tomorrow afternoon. i don't actually have testicular cancer.
  7. Well then you're just gonna have to hock a baby or two. For as much as those things end up costing in the long run, you would think that they'd be cheap, but they get a pretty penny on the market. Especially if you get a white one. That'll sell quicklike too!
  8. hmm. alright. a trip to the daycare it is.

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