Purple Haze

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by phisher_man, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Picked up an 8th of this lucious bud yesterday. Split it in half with a buddy. (Now that I think of it, he definiiely got the bigger half, but whatever.) Thought you might want to take some pics.. sorry I didn't take the time to take real details pics, but.......

    In order....

    1) Picture of the sack with a coin to compare it to.
    2) Picture of all the buds.
    3) Close-up showing the purple hairs on the left side.
    4) Another close-up trying to show the hairs.


    1) http://kevin.bends.net/Picture000.jpg
    2) http://kevin.bends.net/Picture001.jpg
    3) http://kevin.bends.net/Picture002.jpg
    4) http://kevin.bends.net/Picture003.jpg
  2. that doesnt realy look like purple haze, looks more like garbage.
  3. You look like garbage......... lets see what YOU got homeboy ;)
  4. doesn't look the best i've ever seen, it has a lot of leaf left in.....not pruned properly, and i'd say grown under too weak a light, as the buds don't seen to be tight.........but hey if it gets you high, and tastes o.k.......that's all that matters........Peace out.........Sid
  5. it aint purple haze.
  6. no but it is sativa, though it looks like it wasn't matured out all the way.
  7. I've bought similar looking bud before, definetely not THAT leafy, much more fluffy and bud filled, it was purple kush (Purple Haze x Kush), the most cerebral high I ever got was from that stuff.
  8. nice buds phisher_man :)
  9. Yea, doesn't look like the best but it's better than schwag...
    How much did you pay for it?

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