---> purple haze w/ Nikon D70.

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    "purple haze" Looks like it to me from google pics. what do you think? Plus what do you think about pictures! :cool:

    check the purple on some of the leaves!

    Body- Nikon D70
    Lens- Nikkor 18-55 F3.5-5.6 VR
    Flash- Sunpak




  2. i likey brodi!

    nice pick up.
  3. leafy as hell but looks good none-the-less!
  4. Kinda leafy, no?
  5. leafy = not handled more then needed. sugar leaf like that smokes fine if its good organic indoor which it apears to be,
  6. Love the top-notch pics, bro.

    what are you studying?
    Binary and some sort of equation?

    I want that camera, and its lens.
    Still would have to figure out how to use it though :|
  7. The D70 is so cheap now. On craigslist or keh you could probably pick one up for right around $200. They're pretty old in terms of DSLRs. Also, you wouldn't really want the lens. It's a $100 kit lens. It's pretty cheap as well. However, it produces images far better than an a point and shoot compact, so you can't really complain if you're on a budget.
  8. thanks,
    Was doing some electrical engineering work and yeah its binary haha

    lol yeah the lens is a kit lens I just had to pick up something quick with a wider angle for a new bar/club promotional gig I started doing

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