Purple haze/Super lemon haze shots

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by dudeodan, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Purple..its prob should be a little purpler? but the temps have hit 79 at times. im surprised its this purple lol

    6 weeks into flower looking frosty

    super lemon, 5 weeks into flowering, she is frosty everywhere, its beautiful to me lol

    Any comments are appreciated!
  2. :eek::smoking: beautiful mon
  3. Them tips looking like neut burn doesnt it? and ive read u can water it with ice cubes on top of the soil for the last couple weeks makes the purp really come out.
  4. Its purple enough i pulled a small nug off very bottom, cured it, and its so dark lol...anyhow, thats a ph problem i had when pics were taken, hopefully solved, thanks for response, whatcha think about them buds?
  5. I think your flowers look very pretty and frosty! How much do you think you're looking at ? Can't wait until mine start to look like this!
  6. im not really sure wasnt what i was really focusing on my first grow, i just decided to pick 3 strains, see what i had an easier time growing, and what seemed to be the best medicine for me. i did not top or fim or anything for weight, just wanted healthy plants, and meds.

    Id be happy with 2oz from all 3 i guess IDK? LOL

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