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Purple Haze pick up

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by PardonMe, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. [quote name='Indica Herouana'] who the fuck is trying to smoke some Jimi Hendrix bud...

    Actually Jimi's song was about purple haze acid not chronic. Jimi wasn't a huge smoker, he was more into alcohol and psychedelic's.

  2. Hahaha, wow
  3. I was using Jimi Hendrix as an example to show the oldness of the bud, not about Purple Haze the song you douche. And fuck you Fresno Kush, I got way more fire than you'll ever see.
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    *shakes head* WOW...:rolleyes:...does your bud come with certification that shows that you indeed have the strain Purple Haze? No?...end of discussion...

    *shakes head again* There's too many rumors to know for sure what Jimi was talking about...Im betting that the strain isn't it though....Listen to the lyrics of Purple Haze...sounds a lot like an acid trip don't it? Also, around that era there was some 'cid called Purple Owsley (spelling?) that is believed to be what the song is really about... don't be so quick to laugh at someone else when you could be wrong yourself...

    and as for it being extinct, I'm 99.999999% positive it is...Out of all the people who buy weed on here and show pickups, wouldn't at least ONE have a steady connect to it that's legit and not some dude who fell into some bullshit that his dealer told him...
  5. Hey blades, i had purple haze not to long ago to be honest. Twas some Haze x Purple #1....i.e purple haze:smoking:

  6. Purple Haze was about how a girl made Jimi feel.

    Purple Haze, the strain, is not extinct. Any purple pheno x Any Haze = a Purple Haze

    Don't give me that "not the same" bullshit, because honestly you don't know.
  7. That looks dank man. Great pick up. I also heard rumours of this strain being extinct. Never really believed the rumours though. Smoke that !! :smoke:

  8. wrong. it was about a dream he had and also the turn "purple haze" came from a book jimi was readin at the time. and he wasnt really a big drinker cuz he didnt have a high tolerance and got violent when he got drunk....take it from me. also that headband bullshit wasnt true either. if he was gonna be trippin on stage he would be trippin the moment he stepped on to it not a while into the concert and most of his shows didnt last more than an hour anyway.
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    Haha in the first place I wasn't refering to Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze as to bud... they didn't even have 90's chronic back then... they had super stress nuggets. And for the person who tried to prove me wrong to say the song "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix is about an acid trip... gotten proved wrong himself... hahaha! And also im quite sure Jimi Hendrix didn't smoke alot of weed... did Lots of Acid.
  10. how did i get proven wrong? chaz chandler was there when jimi wrote it. he read in a book "purplish haze" and thats where he got the idea from as far as the name. and jimi didnt drink "lots" he drank moderate, cuz he and everyone else knew how violent he got when he drank too much. he did do a lot of acid though i will agree.
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    Actually Jimi's song was about purple haze acid not chronic. Jimi wasn't a huge smoker, he was more into alcohol and psychedelic's.[/quote]

    Was not refering to you... i was talking about this guy... Roachk1lla
  12. ahhh ok the way my original quote was it made it seem like it was you i quoted.
  13. Not at all bro, you were like backing me up with like some liable info haha.

  14. You could say this for ANY strain.

    I guarantee you that not ONE strain now has the same DNA pattern than when the strain was first discovered. There's so many things that can effects DNA these days. Everything from not getting enough sleep to sugar you eat has an effect on your DNA. I'm not saying it's the same for plants, but similar.
  15. hahaha teamwork!
  16. looks like good bud, but that's not any purple strain. it doesnt look naturally purple, it looks as if the temperature was just turned down at night. i could be wrong. none the less, looks good enough to smoke.
  17. coming from the person who thinks he can tell a haze from a kush a gdp bud from grape ape
    and he also thinks weed now-a-days is Way better. So :mad:+:smoking:= you even more retarded
  18. Last time I talked to Jimi he said he wrote purple haze about his favortie teletubbie...

  19. LMAO!!!! bud now a days is better for the most part. this is a fact but i wouldnt go as far as that dude to say that it was schawg they were smokin back then.
  20. i lol'd for a good minute when i saw this +rep :smoking:

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