Purple Haze or Green Crack?

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    I just had Purple Haze for the first time this past week, and I enjoyed myself. (I got a little too paranoid when I got BLAZED, but, still enjoyed it).

    I've been offered something called green crack... lol i did some research on it and it SEEMS to be pretty strong,but now I don't know what offer to take.

    Here are my two offers...

    Offer A: 3 grams of Purple Haze for $60
    Offer B: 3.5 grams of Green Crack for $60

    I know the price might seem kinda high for some, but I live in North Carolina. Our weed prices aren't as low as other places :/

    Which would you guys prefer? Offer A or B?
  2. Obviously green crack, since purple haze has been extinct for a while...

    and anyone can fuck with the temp and make the buds purple and call it purple haze..

    plus...you get .5 more...for the same price..should be obvious...:wave:
  3. Purple haze is "extinct?"
  4. One of the best posts I've seen here in the past few days, great advice :)
    Thanks for letting me know about the temperature, I didn't realize buds could be changed just by adjusting the temperature [​IMG]
  5. The original purple haze strain has been gone for quite some time now. Most dealers call purple weed "purple haze" as a 'marketing strategy'. It's not authentic, just purple weed. Usually all dealers or people that say they have purple haze are simply ignorant.

    Green Crack on the other hand....legitimate.
  6. Good then... I'll go with the eighth :D I was almost fooled. Thanks!

  7. not saying the purple weed isn't good though, might be some bomb shit. just %99.9 unlikely to be purple haze, all im sayin, u know wuh im sayinnnn
  8. Yea, gotcha. I mean, it definitely was some good shit, but I heard purple haze was the BEST, and while the stuff i had was amazing, i cant say it was the best ive had. Im hoping green crack is better.

    Is it a sativa?

  9. yeah it's a sativa i believe, i lived in CO for awhile and some medical green crack. some of the best shit i've ever had
  10. Hmmm....both good. I'm a fan of the purples, the good ones. But since you tried one, now try the other, especially since you are getting more I guess. There might be a reason for that; sounds like whomever you are getting it from values the green crack less, and likes the purple better. Otherwise it'd be the same price, yeah?
  11. Who's to say the green crack is really teeny say it is
  12. If you're dumb enough to buy anything for it's name from a street dealer then you deserve to smoke REGS.

    don't believe the names...hold the dam thing up to the sun and see just how much it twinkles.
  13. $60 for 3 grams? wow haha, i'm glad i get an ounce of some K.B. for $30.

  14. I've bought off street dealers and it's been the real strains before. A google search and compare is all you need to do.

  15. and you knew it was a REAL strain how...he told you?
  16. Did you not read my post? A bit of searching and you can tell if it's legit or not. Strains have distinct characteristics(smell, color, high), and if the weed you bought has those characteristics, then it most likely is the real thing...plus i bought from a medical patient, seen the actual bottles.lol

  17. i'm pretty sure most users here rather try their buds out first hand by smoking them and rating them for themselves rather than researching the strain...

  18. that's true. i moved from a non medical state that had a lot of brick weed, to a medical state.was too excited not to do the research on what i had lol

  19. well see now...you live in a medical state.

    Now i envy you because you can actually say you smoked a certain strain.
  20. If you read kush magazine and live in CA you will see that green crack is toward the bottom of the menus that they have. Theyr like ads made by the dispenseries and they show theyr menu and prices. The dankest ones are at the top and the not as good ones are below. green crack is near the bottom.

    Still is good though and its sativa and i like sativa better than indica so i still like it

    EDIT: Yea its 3rd up from the bottom, right above Cali mist, which is above House Shake witch is the worst. the best is called Snoop OG and its $20 a G!!!!:eek::eek:

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