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  1. I wouldnt consider myself an expert but i am no noob. I have several finished grows under my belt with great results. I have just got my hands on some Purple Haze and White Widow seeds and plan to start growing immediately. I will be growing outdoors in pots above ground with 12-14 hours of sunlight per day with bloom ferts. I am at 25 47' N 80 17' W.

    My question is this, how will the season effect my flowering time and harvest date at my latitude? From what i hear the two strains should flower year round around here. If any experts can shed some light on the subject i would be very greatful. I just don't want to waste these seeds b/c i planted at the wrong time and have them veg for 4 months...it has happened before.
  2. I don't believe you have purple haze seeds. I think you'd be like the only person.
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  5. look you retard, my friend ordered "PURPLE HAZE" from a shop in Holland, and they came...wtf more proof do u want, jesus wuts up with these fags
  6. some people get annoyed by the fact that any fucktard can label any seed what ever name they want, there is no way to prove you have anything, but the reason he got on you is because the realy Purple Haze strain is supposedly dead or somthing.

  7. So... we're homosexual if we decide not to believe something you say? You didn't get Purple Haze, but clearly you're gullible enough to believe you did.
  8. well if its a haze crossed with a purple strin i would call that purple haze wouldnt you just because its not the original the company has called it purple haze tho what did you want him 2 say i got some fake purple haze what would be the point but still no need to start calling people fags for giving ther 2 cents!
  9. wow, not one answer to this guys question.

    I'm pretty sure your plants will go into straight into a flowering cycle. I'm no expert on outdoor grows, but what normally ends the growing season further north is the first "killing frost." Being in Miami you don't have to worry about this too much, but if it does get below freezing you should bring them inside. They'll grow and flower at the same, probably take 8 - 12 weeks to finish. A good idea may be to start them for the first couple weeks inside under 24h fluorescent lights, then take them outside.
  10. yea i lived in Miami for 10 years and it never gets below 60 let alone freezing, no frost whatsoever, the only thing im concerned about is the flower cycle, and bringing them inside is not an option whatsoever, thus the OUTDOOR grow... Im not that skilled in the whole light cycle and latitude aspects of growing...experts please help.
  11. damn i was just trying to help out a potential grower cause not too many "experts" were jumping in; there's no need for a fucking smart ass reply.

    by the way if you just plan them they flower from the start, you'll get pot but not much.
  12. What dept. do you work for, officer? The only person who goes in a grower's forum and says they aren't a noob and then asks the most idiotic questions, already answered in the sticky threads about a hundred times, would be some lame public servant. Stop lying and being an abusive person, then get on your horse and ride out of here.
  13. wow i didn't think people can get any dumber...i was wrong. Can anyone who does not compete in the special Olympics help me out? and no the stickies did not have this info.
  14. If you plant them now they are going to go strait into flower, which will yeild a very small amount and have been a wastful way to use your good seeds.. you can however veg indoors and use the spring sun to flower them, it usually yeilds about half as much as a fall yeild.. Personally I would start them in like april. You would be really dissatisfied if you planted them now... You kinda just missed the season.. plant in the spring, harvest in the fall..
  15. Exacatly, you guys have a photoperiod of 12 hours or less down there until the middle of April. Meaning, if you plan them now they will flower for 2 months and youll get a shitty harvest in mid December.

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