Purple Gray discoloration on clones.

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I'll preface this question with some back round of my recent cloning troubles. I've successfully cloned for years without a hickup. Never even put much thought into it because it's always been so easy. Always have used a tray with root riot cubes or rapid rooters. Sometimes with a dome, sometimes without. All of a sudden last summer I had a almost a whole tray of 60+ fall over and die. Only 15 or so made it. I immediately took a bunch of new cuts to replace them, to have them do the same. Stems were withered and slimy inside of rooters. Thought I had over watered or something so next round I cut a tray and kept the cubes to a perfect saturation and same problem. Also the few that lived once transplanted withered and died immediately. Obviously something was wrong. I fad found some mold inside one of the tray cubes, so though something had passed to others and killed everthing. Ok start over. Get all new trays, domes, even replaced my scissors cause they were old anyway. So first round this year I cut a tray full and 3 days later, same issue. Everyone falls over and stem is mush inside of rooter that is dry enough that if you squish it nothing comes out but is still moist. I did notice however that the room felt warmer than usual. I get my IR gun and find my mat is at 100+ degrees and my root zone is in the nineties. Eureka, my mat was burning them up all of a sudden after 5 years. Bought a thermostat for it and thought I was good to go. Set the stat at 78 and called it a day. It works very well with turning mat on and off. So again this round I just cut around 40 clones and within a few day I start seeing them fall. WTF!!! I don't understand why after 5 years all of sudden my cloning method goes belly up. My plants are healthy as they've ever been. So as I'm about to give up on cloning I see this purple crap coming from center of new growth out on the leaves. Anyone seen this before? The first one I saw, I thought was strain specific but now they all have it and again I have lost 75% and most have this shit going on. Mind you I had never seen this purplish crap till this round...really hope someone can help me right this ship. I have now lost all my genetics I worked so damn hard to keep, and now I feel like it's futile to even try. Does anyone have a clue what this is?

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  2. Hey my friend.
    Your cooking the roots.
    zone is in the nineties.

    Need help send me a PM.

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