Purple from phosphorus deficiency or genetics

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  1. This is my first post and grow so lmk any advice y'all have for me. The strain is supposed to be space cookies from a friend's bud. she is 6 weeks from when I notice buds starting to form not sure how old all together. The light I'm mainly using is a Mars hydro ts600 growing in mix of bacto the cow and perlite using fish emulsion for veg and tiger bloom for flower. Pretty much just feed every third time or what feels like the third time and increase the fish emulsion and tiger bloom through out the veg and flower phases. The stems have been red/purple since it sprouted and some pistils look extra straight and short with a dark purple color but around week 3 of flower I noticed what I think to be a phosphorus deficiency. The leaves were turning yellow then quickly turning brown and dieing. around the same time I noticed the leaves were also turning purple After a few days of letting the soil dry I fed her half a gallon of tap water with tiger bloom at 2 tbsp. The leaves stopped dieing for the most part except a few small or covered leaves. the purple is still spreading though out the leaves mostly under and a bit on the nugs. I haven't had half the equipment I should have like a pH, ppm, ec meters, micro nutes, grow tent and exhaust system. Would soil ph capsules work to test liquids or are they even accurate at all?
    IMG_20200831_152056.jpg IMG_20200831_152632.jpg IMG_20200827_131759.jpg

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  2. Getting close prob 2 weeks from the looks of it u can get a free magnifying app on ur smart phone to check trichomes if u don’t have a scope.
  3. Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium feeds the chlorophyll in the leafs and stem keeping it green.
  4. I tried using one of those apps but couldn't get it to focus past 5x. The third picture I posted was about as good as my camera can do. It should be about day 39 a lot of pistils are still growing should I wait for them to stop dieing if I can't get a scope.

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