Purple fascination

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Newstudent86, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Been really fascinated by purple
    Buds lately just after some advice on what auto strains produce the most purple buds I live in a tropical climate so I'm after a strain that will be consistently purple any ideas?
  2. Grand daddy purp.

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  3. Hey I grew an Auto Purple by Original Sensible Seeds one year outdoors. It's a full on true purple colored bud strain that smells like fruity pebbles. I bought my Auto Purple from HerbiesSeeds.com. I've also heard good things about Purple Kush from Buddha Seeds. That's another 100% purple colored variety. Probably the exact same plant under a different name if I had to guess lol.
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  4. Agreed

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  5. Even grand daddy purp has a green pheno.
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  6. Sounds good man how much did it yeild?
  7. I never weighed the end result and I messed up the cure. I smoked like two joints and they tasted like hay so I threw it all away. Keep it mind that happened with all the strains I grew that year. I have real problems getting my end product to taste good. My curing skills are really really bad. But I know it would have tasted good if cured right because it smelled amazing.
  8. William.. It's the dry you messed up and then it couldn't cure no matter what was done..
    I trim close wet then hang for just a day or 3 until the tiny popcorn starts to stiffen up.. None of that stem snapping crap that's way to damn dry..
    Get it off the branches and slow down the dry by moving it in and out of a trash can every night.. I'm in near desert conditions and to fast a dry is what causes that nasty hay stink.. Smelled like a big old bag of mowed lawn clippings I bet..

    I use cut down paper shopping bags for this next 7 to 10 day stage..
    Stack them in the can over night slows how fast they dry and lets more moisture sweat up from deep in the buds without letting the outside get crispy..
    If you live in a humid area ignore all this as it'll mold for sure.. Every local zone has it's own needs when it comes to drying..
    Once I get to the mid 60s humidity I'll jar it with a 62% Boveda pack and seal the jar.. No burping required when dried correctly..

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  9. Thanks for the tips. I'll have to try this next time.

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