purple drank

Discussion in 'General' started by jtangorunnin, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. helllloo, kids...
    does anyone know where to come by/how to make that purple drank?
  2. Original Robo Cough Syrup and your choice of liquor (usually vodka).
  3. Its perscription cough medicine. With hydrocodone or codeine in it. Mixed with liquor or sprite
  4. obviously, it's not prescribed to me...so how do i concoct some of this shat?

  5. Mix obedience with determination and.... poof! Purple drank.
  6. You can't just make the syrup, but once you got the codeine with promethazine cough syrup, put it in some sprite in a styrofoam cup with ice (its extra good if its ice and a cup from sonic) and a jolly rancher (optional) and then get ready to lean.
  7. Lebowski, ya know...i just love you. Really.:)
  8. i guess my only real issue is getting the codeine w/ promethazine...i'll get on that.
  9. i got a site from new zealand that you can buy promethazine and codeine pills, then u could crush em up n dissolve em in a syrupy mixture, but i cant garuntee the shit is gonna make it past customs.
  10. How do people get perscription pills without a script?:rolleyes:(buy it)
  11. You can buy the shit on the streets like you can buy weed.

    My homie got a connect on the shit down in Texas.

    Thas where i get my lean.

    Summer time boy, Time for a road trip and stock up on some lean.

    Get the lean, Mix it with sprite and jolly ranchers fool. Get ready to LEAN back.
  12. how come that shit is so avaliable in texas but not up north?
  13. it was originated in texas. that's one reason, i guess. ("texas tea"/"texas mud")
  14. Its avialiable in Baltimore its just expensive as hell never tried it but I would like to
  15. I have had Robatussin w/ Codeine which got me real f'd up...when people talked it sounded chopped & screwed like the music

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