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Purple Derbin 1/2 0z pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Iliketotoke, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Some fresh purple i picked up last week. Pretty gaseous it looks alot more purple in better light.

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  2. Purple much did you pay for the half zip?
  3. lol purple mids??? 230

  4. Are you high?? (no pun intended)

    That shit is wicked crystally, yeah it might not have been grown perfectly but it looks like it'd blow your dome off.
  5. The pics make it look like mids to me...maybe a better pic? Obviously, I don't know for sure...but I think 230 is a little much.
  6. The camera is just shitty and the light is too.. Its really good Its better than what is usually going around for 20/g
  7. #7 dan k, Sep 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2009
    man i hate how everybody is hatin on peoples buds on here.

    looks like some fire to me.

    super durban poison is one of my top 5 strains and i recently got a clone :D
    check out my grow journal in my sig
  8. I beg to differ, I've gotta agree with him. But I couldn't care less if it's mid or dank. I'm just happy to have & smoke the bud I get.

    Btw - Enjoy your smoke
  9. Looks sick, but yeah this shit was some fir
  10. the third pic is the best you can really see how fuzzy it is

    it just should have been trimmed a little better but then there would be less purple

    and im fine with payin 220 for a half zip if it the super danky dank

    whats it taste like?
  11. Its got a real kush taste real potent if you take bong rips it takes the air out of your lungs and gives you that real numby feeling... This is whats left it was in big nugs that looked realllllly nice..
  12. Looks like some real nice densely buds.
  13. dang dude looks like real fire buds i like demm. u can see the crystals even thought pic aint clear all good!
  14. Yo man, dont listen to a word these fuckin haters say...Every other fool on here is a certified expert cannabis Identifier, and a botanical geneticist.

    Nice nuggetry, Son. Enjoy.
  15. nuggage looks good dude, but r u sure thats a half? Def. not mids though it was way too full of crystals. Since its a purple is it a really stoney body high?
  16. It's spelled Durban...
  17. looks like mids but meh, may be because of the light
  18. thats def. not mids dude. Even tho thats obviously not a good camera, u can still see tons of trichs standing up, and a clear difference in color. Mids doesnt have nearly that many visable crystals standing up. I'm only defending the pics so hrd b/c i got 2.5 of some shit that looks like that when u take a picture of it (all i have is an iphone camera) and it was super chron.

    smoke up:smoke:
  19. DEFINITELY not mids, mids never have nugs that look like that, and the mids "purple" is usually a brown shade.
  20. lol mids, youve gotta be a real dumbass or just a big tool to think thats midgrade. thats obvisuoly some dank bud and we can all tell even with just those pictures. unless that is some crazy ass pretendies haha

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