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  1. Aite so I didn't do my proper research when copping a vape a couple weeks ago. I just strutted around at the headshops and settled on an "easy vape", needless to say I'm not that satisfied. It was $130 but w/e I kinda wanna just invest in a new one before I continue using the easy vape with inconsistent results (sometimes its great, other times it sucks).

    Anywho, the two vapes I posted in the title seem to be always ranted about as awesome on here. I'm looking for a vape that produces some solid looking vape hits yet minimizes my weed consumption. I don't really know much about either except that the purple days has a long waiting list, but that isn't a problem.

    Can anyone highlight which one is better? I'm assuming they cost roughly the same amount (around $200 or less each right?). Sorry if this has been posted a million times, I searched but couldn't find anything that compared just these two.
  2. PD is good for a solitary user. Extremely efficient, can be left on 24/7 so no warm up time necessary.. supposedly uses the same energy as 2 night lights. I love the flavors the PD gives and I can get nice thick hits from it.

    The DBV on the other hand is good for groups as well as solo sessions.. not as efficient as the PD but definitely more efficient than combusting. I can't say anything about taste or how thick the vapor is, because I dont own one.. but I know for a fact it's much better than the cheap chinese box vapes.

    I'd go with the PD but that's just my opinion... I love PD bongrips!
  3. Aite I'm definitely leanin towards the PD now haha, someone else wanna confirm? I'ma try to see if a headshop near me has one or else my easy vape will have to last until the PD arrives = /
  4. I will guarantee that your local headshop doesn't have any in stock, or ever will. VapeNow is the only reseller of the PD, if you dont get it from them you have to get it straight from Tom and Pam. If you want a PD, order it NOW so the initial wait time is less. I waited 2+ months for mine and it was worth every penny I spent, every minute I waited.

    I'm sure the DBV is a great vape, but for my intended purpose (vaping alone/with my girl, usually no more than that) the PD wins hands down. I got my hakko vape wand for party situations.
  5. These two traits are kinda diametrically opposed to one another. While the PD can give you some solid looking vape hits, it will NEVER be as thick or as rich as the hits you can get from the Buddha, but the Buddha does that at the expense of efficiency.

    If you want super thick, rich vapor hits............get the Buddha.
    If you want to conserve your bud....................get the Purple Days.

    And because of this, a lot of people get both. They use the PD as their daily workhorse, but when they're having a party, or when they want to get super ripped really really fast, they pull out the Buddha.
  6. One correction. If you live outside the US, you can order it directly from Purple-Days and circumvent the long wait times.

    But aznfknpride is correct. You will NEVER see them at local headshops. They are handmade and takes about 4 hours to make each one. The vapes you see at headshops are mass produced.
  7. So can you still see it when you rip the Purple Days? I watched a youtube video and it seems that the mist is still pretty visible, just not super thick or anything. But like you can tell when its beat and what not right?

    Also, could you please explain how a purple days works? It seems odd to me, I've only used vaporizers with whips before. How do you load the bowl? It seems that you load it and then put it upside down, making me think everything would fall out :confused:.

    Also can you adjust the temp. on purple days :confused:.

    Btw my easy vape will work fine for parties, what I'm looking for is a daily driver so like you said I'm guessing the PD would be the one for me. Do they get you equally high?

    P.S. thanks for all the responses I appreciate it a lot.
  8. Yes. You can see the vapor from the PD. But like all vaporizers, the ability to see the vapor has a lot to do with the ambient lighting.

    You load the bowl by sucking on the stem while the bowl is sticking in your bud. Kinda like sucking a milkshake thru a straw. You then hold the PD pointed down like you were drinking a coke from a can, and insert the stem with bowl pointing up so nothing falls out. After the first hit, the bud sticks in the stem, so you can then hold it anyway you want with nothing falling out.

    No. It's a fixed temp in the ideal vape range.

    All vapes will get you equally as high. The difference is how "quickly" you get there.
  9. Thanks a ton Iwien, your posts were really helpful! I think I'm gonna go ahead and order a PD today and just use the easy vape until it arrives! Can't wait, thanks a ton :D
  10. My pleasure.
  11. i'd go wtih the da budda. it's better as an all around vape imo and while it may not be as efficient, it has other benefits. you don't have to leave it plugged in all the time. if you buy an a/c outlet for your car you can have incar vaping. i have a vapor brothers which is a whip style vape and i can get plenty thick vape rips so i wouldn't worry about that.
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    They're both great.

    About leaving the PD plugged in 24/7, it only draws 8 watts, the same as 2 night lights and the advantage is, is that it is INSTANTLY available........all the time. No other vape, other than the LaunchBox is an instant on. No wait time.

    Regarding car use, the Purple Days already comes with a car adapter, so there is no need to purchase an a/c outlet for your car.

    The DBV is a great vape, but I wouldn't say to get one over the other. Get 'em both.

    I would only recommend getting the DBV as your only vape if either you are a grower, or you are rich enough that you don't have to worry about how much money you spend on bud. The PD is just so damn efficient, that most everyone that has multiple vapes, that is, they have a 'Cano, a Buddha or an SSV and a PD, the PD ends up as their daily workhorse, but again, if I were a grower or didn't care about the money I spend on bud, the Buddha would be my primary vape.
  13. Just ordered a PD :D. Ran me $190 with VT tax =/, whatever though. 1 hour down, 50 days x 24 hours more to go lol :(

  14. How long does the PD take to heat up once you plug it in (I'm most likely not going to leave mine plugged in 24/7).

    My easy vape takes 10-15 minutes to properly heat up, I'd imagine the PD is the same?
  15. 30-45 min.

    It really is designed to leave on, but if for some odd reason, you don't want to, you can also get a simple timer to have it turn on and off at predetermined times.

  16. Really? Where could I get this? On vapenow?
  17. Radio Shack.

  18. Yeah like lighting timers that you plug into then plug into the wall. It would work for pretty much anything you want turned on at a certain time.
  19. lwien do you happen to know how much power the Buddha draws from the outlet? Much more than the PD?

    I would have bought a PD but I wanted a vape NOW! I bought a Buddha and the thing is awesome. It still conserves bud MUCH more than combustion. Not like conservation is really necessary though.
  20. I have no idea, but I would imagine that it draws a bunch more being that the PD, is in essence, a 12v device unlike the Buddha which is a true AC device.

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