Purple Days, anyone recently receive theirs?

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  1. Ordered one Feb 5, still have not gotten it. They posted on the site estimated waiting length and I think I was between 12 weeks-16 weeks, so shooting for 14 weeks. That falls around the first couple weeks of May. Just curious though, has anyone recently (in the past month or so) receive their purple days? If so, when did you order it? This helps give an idea when I'll get mine and everyone else who ordered one.
    Thanks blades! :smoke:
  2. cancel PD order

    Buy a Woodeez :D

    edit: sweet avatar btw, SUPERJAIL!
  3. Or buy a Myrtlezap!

    but check fuckcombustion.com

    In the lounge they have a thread about it.
  4. looks exactly like PD, do you have one? are they really 100% lead free? havent heard anything about them but it seems like a good alternative.

  5. This is what my woodeez looks like.

  6. http://www.fuckcombustion.com/viewtopic.php?id=905&p=67

    Read post #268 in the following thread from a user who has both: FC - Vaporizer Forum / Pandora Kit from Purple-Days

    For those that like to build things, the Pandora Kit made by Purple Days is a very viable alternative. It's a PD that you build yourself.
  7. what is Purple Days?
  8. What the fuck, they really are only at 12/8? I ordered mine February 5, so I'm bound to never see it. This is the first time I've heard of a Woodeez. But is it just as good as a PD?
  9. MyrtleZap is better than both. I've seen both the PD and the Myrtlezap (WDZ is a copy of the PD), and the Myrtlezap is definitely more polished and refined.
  10. Really? How so? I'm actually now going to look into the MyrtleZap. Is it just as efficient? I heard the PD uses .025 grams of bud.

    Also, is there a waiting list for a Woodeez or MyrtleZap?
    Thanks guys for the info!

  11. yea. and yes i do own a Woodeez and they are completely lead-free. no wait list eithier. any more questions feel free to ask :D

    just got off work, loading some hash for some vapor-bong rips! <3 my WDZ!
  12. Well, that's debatable, and I could argue in favor of the PD, but we've gone round and round on that before so no need to beat that dead horse again to death, but I would definitely go with either a PD or a Zap over the Woodeez.

    For those that would like further info on all these vapes, I do suggest to pay a visit over to the FC site for an in-depth analysis on all of them.
  13. don't expect an unbiased opinion from Iwien. he hates the creator of the Woodeez. this is like the first time ive even seen him acknowledge that it exists.

    his opinion is worth nothing imo. fanboy garbage.
  14. I'm actually on the site now reading through some threads. From what I have quickly learned, in those threads and here, is the Woodeez is just like the PD, but of course relatively newer. Therefore there isn't as many reviews as the PD. The MZ uses copper, which I'm not sure is good or bad. I guess it has to be heated to a point where it is bad for you because of the lead. Is there a risk there?

    More factor's I am looking for. Price, Shipping speed, efficiency (which I read all are equal), and warranty.

    Most likely though I'll be canceling my PD order tonight and ordering something new.
  15. Not copper. Brass.
  16. Yea my mistake. So is there a potential risk of health problems?
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    Price: Varies.
    WDZ is $150 shipped.
    PD is 180 shipped.
    PD pandora is 150 shipped with 2 week waiting period and assembly required.
    MZ is $145 shipped.

    Shipping speed:
    WDZ- ships in 1-3 days
    MZ- Typically ships same-week

    Efficiency: Tie.

    1 year for WDZ
    3 months for MZ
    3 years for PD

    and the brass on the MZ never gets close to the point of giving off lead fumes. also, the maker of the MZ changed his design after a big controversy about the brass. i wouldn't be concerned with the lead aspect of the MZ.

  18. Some believe so. Some not. In depth discussion here:

    FC - Vaporizer Forum / Is Brass Safe?
  19. I hope that ugly block of wood vapes better than a DBV to have to wait THAT long to receive.

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